Scholarships & Projects

The OGA is pleased to offer a number of Scholarships to students. Much of the funds we raise go towards these. We are also very proud of the projects we run with our Old Girls.


Epsom House Scholarship

This OGA Scholarship is available to a student in her first year at Epsom House. Since 2016, the Scholarship has been sponsored by Compass Group and we thank them for their ongoing support. The Scholarship is generously sponsored by Compass Group and is presented to the recipient either at her intermediate school prize giving, or at EGGS pre-enrolment Day.

Click here for a list of past Epsom House Scholarship recipients.

OGA Graduation Scholarships

Each year, at the Graduation Dinner, the OGA awards several Scholarships to a number of Year 13 students who epitomise the all-round Epsom student. The Scholarship is to help towards the cost of books and other expenses of tertiary study. The qualities that we look for in awarding these Scholarships are not just academic. 

  • We look for kindness and consideration for others.
  • We look for qualities such as being honest and reliable.
  • We look for recipients who are good at a range of activities, such as sports, or art and cultural activities, as well as academic work.

The recipients will be students who are hard workers and, through that hard work, achieve good results. Recipients are selected with the assistance of the year Deans, who have known the students throughout their time at EGGS. Each student receives $600 to go towards books and other course-related costs of tertiary study.

Click here for a list of past OGA Graduation Scholarship recipients.

The Kathleen Mandeno Scholarship

This Scholarship was established to assist EGGS students to study for a Science degree at a New Zealand University. It is funded by Jill Mandeno (EGGS Founder 2013), in memory of her late mother Kathleen, who was an Old Girl of the School. It was first awarded in 1994 and is intended to encourage students to enter the science community and contribute to innovation and research. The Scholarship value is $4,000. The recipient is selected by a panel and eligibility criteria apply.

Click here for a list of past Kathleen Mandeno Scholarship Recipients

Special Awards and Service Awards

The OGA is pleased to donate a number of Special Prizes and Service Awards which are presented at the Junior and Senior Prizegiving occasions.

Click here for a list of Special Prizes and Service Awards.

Centennial Scholarships

In 2017, the School, the Board of Trustees and the OGA joined together to fund ten special Centennial Scholarships – five were given to staff members and five to students (one from each year level, Year 9 to Year 13). These Scholarships were each worth $1,400. Two Tongan Alumnae Scholarships were also awarded in 2017.

Congratulations to all recipients.


Bone Health – Pilot Project

A working group of Old Girls, staff and medical professionals has been discussing the possibility of bringing information about the importance of bone health into the school curriculum. Osteoporosis New Zealand works to educate people about the condition, which is one that can be avoided through good early nutrition and knowledge gained at a young age. The OGA feels it is vital for all young women to be informed of this. A lecture was held at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre in 2017 and work is ongoing to try to establish bone health as part of the curriculum. This is dependent on funding and currently various avenues are being explored in this regard.

A new website has been developed which offers a huge amount of helpful information about Bone Health in a really accessible way.

Click here for more information about Osteoporosis New Zealand.