Welcome to Epsom Girls Grammar School

We are a leading secondary school with a proud history of supporting young women since 1917. We invite you to explore our website to discover more about our school’s excellent achievements and wide range of learning opportunities.

Kia ora and welcome to Epsom Girls Grammar School. We are very proud of this school, which has challenged and supported young women since 1917, producing many leaders in a variety of occupations. Achievement has always been important in the School in academic, sporting, cultural, leadership and service activities and we are proud of our students' local and international results in all these areas.

We are a large school, yet we aim to treat all students as individuals. I want all students to feel they belong and are confident in the School. We focus on identifying and catering for individual learning and pastoral needs.

We promote positive, supportive relationships between students and teachers, which form the basis for learning. We want our students to be confident, active partners in their learning, taking full advantage of all that the School can offer them. Having their own full operating system devices allows students to develop collaborative and independent learning skills. We believe digital citizenship skills are essential for everyone and blended learning using both books and devices is the way we learn.

Leadership is important to us and we provide many opportunities for this. As a girls' school, we build the confidence and the skills of the young women who will form the next generation. We look back at the leaders who have already influenced our country and forward to those who will emerge in the School's second century.

Our School reflects the richness and diversity of New Zealand society and prepares young women for success in their future as lifelong learners.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta.

Brenda McNaughton, MEd(1st Class Hons), BSc, PGDipEd