About Us

We undertake many activities and put on a variety of events, both fundraising and social; we love facilitating bringing alumnae together.

The OGA Committee

The Association is guided by a Committee consisting of Old Girls and Honorary Old Girls as well as a Staff Representative and a Student Representative. We undertake many activities and put on a variety of events, both fundraising and social; we love facilitating bringing Alumnae together. We liaise regularly and openly with staff and current students and enjoy giving back to the School.

The Committee meets as a group every two months and at other times, as necessary. Thanks to all Committee members and to other members who help out from time to time. If you are interested in getting involved on the Committee, or as a helper, we will welcome you to join us. Please do get in touch.

“One of my proudest moments was becoming an Honorary Old Girl at the June 2015 AGM for service to EGGS. Having been educated in a co-ed school in South Auckland, the biggest difference I see between my daughter's education and my own is the sense of pride and inclusiveness that exists for current and past alumnae. This is a school and a culture to be cherished, so I would encourage all Old Girls to reach out and connect with the fantastic, unique community that is yours."
Lynley Sheweiry, Co-President OGA

Current Committee Members

We have a wonderful mix of women on our Committee – some have been with us for many years and others have joined us upon graduating from EGGS. Rachael Banbury was our first Student Representative and she has remained on the Committee since graduating in 2016. Alice Raea, currently in Year 10, joins us as our new Student Representative in 2019.

We are delighted to have two mother/daughter combinations on the Committee – Lynley Sheweiry and Rachael Banbury and Annise and Alice Raea.

  • Sally Blyth and Lynley Sheweiry, Co-Presidents
  • Julie Goodyer, Treasurer
  • Katharine Collins, Secretary
  • Kirsty Cooper, Accounts
  • Tric Milner, Staff Rep
  • Michele Heywood, Staff Rep
  • Alice Raea, Student Rep
  • Annise Raea
  • Rachael Banbury
  • Mary Hall
  • Lucie Chambers (2018 graduate)
  • Margi Leech Co-opted for Centenary 2021

We would like to acknowledge everyone who has served on the Committee in the past. All effort put in has helped to build the OGA to what it is today.

Click here to find out more about current OGA Committee members.

Click here to learn more about past Committee members who have contributed significantly.

The Role of President

Since 2015 we have had two Co-Presidents leading the OGA. This enables a happy balance of skills and a shared workload. We acknowledge all Past Presidents of the OGA, each one has brought their own flavour and skills to the table. Thanks to our Presidents for all the work and effort put in over the years.

Click here for a list of OGA Presidents through the years.

Special Helpers

Along with our Committee members, we have two people who help us in significant ways: Neville Ryan who maintains the OGA database and Mary Dunkley who is an encyclopaedia of information and a valuable resource in so many ways. Thank you both.

If you would like to help us in a practical way by offering your time and/or expertise, please get in touch oga@eggs.school.nz


We do not charge a subscription for membership and all Old Girls are eligible.

If you wish to become a member and be on our database, please send an email to oga@eggs.school.nz with the information below. Registering as a member means you will receive our Newsletter and other communications, by email or post (whichever you prefer).

  • Name
  • Maiden Name
  • Years at EGGS
  • Contact details – physical address, email, phone numbers
  • Other relevant information e.g. prefect, sports rep etc.

Completing and returning our Membership Form is helpful if you have time.


We are governed by our Constitution. The latest version was revised and adopted in 2017.

Communications and Connection

We place a major focus on:

  • remaining in contact with a wide cross-section of past students and staff, as well as current ones;
  • generating reconnections as far and wide as possible, including Old Girls who are residing overseas.

We aim to re-connect with Alumnae and keep you up-to-date with:

  • developments at the School;
  • the achievements and news of former students and staff;
  • upcoming events that are on the calendar.

See the Newsletters and Communications page for more information.


We have active Branch groups in Franklin and Tauranga and can put you in touch with them. Two Old Girls based in Central Otago would like to set up an Otago/Southland branch and we would like to get a branch underway in Hamilton. Please contact us if you live in these areas and would be interested in getting involved. We would love to have branches operating in other parts of the country – if you are keen to start one, please let us know.

School Song

There is nothing quite as stirring as hearing the EGGS School Song we all know so well. We aim to sing it at all our events and occasions.

Click here for more information about the School Song, and the words, which were written by students in 1943.