Students, staff, parents and volunteers are all equally important parts of our community, with differing points of view or perspectives. We must respect each other so that the individual and collective mana of the school community is maintained.

Respectful behaviours include the following:

  • Adhering to the standards and protocols the School has established to maintain individual and collective mana
  • Listening attentively and carefully to others with an open mind
  • Asking questions in order to clarify and better understand other perspectives
  • Suspending judgement and providing the other party a chance to explain their position
  • Working towards resolution in a mutually co-operative manner
  • Using a neutral tone of voice when communicating
  • Demonstrating respectful and appropriate body language, and showing awareness of your own and the other party’s body language
  • Respecting personal space
  • Being aware of how we talk about and with others within the school community
  • Acknowledging the cultural perspective of all involved
  • Being open and honest about any concerns or issues
  • Respecting and following the protocols of the school facilities
  • Respecting diversity within the school community

Student Code

Students and their learning are the main purpose for the entire school community. It is expected that students obey the law at all times. Illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping or related products are not permitted at school or at any school activity, trip or event.

Students must contribute positively to the learning environment by:

  • Being at school and in class on time
  • Being prepared with the appropriate class materials/equipment
  • Wearing uniform correctly
  • Looking after their belongings and respecting those of others
  • Leaving classrooms and school grounds clean and tidy at all times

Students must communicate respectfully with all members of the school community by:

  • Using appropriate language in all forms of communication
  • Using good manners, including moving around the school in a thoughtful manner and not texting in class time or assembly
  • Showing respect and consideration for others (no mocking, name-calling, putdowns of any kind)
  • Respecting the physical, emotional and learning environment of all other students
  • Using digital media appropriately