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Domestic Students / Day Students

All enrolment applications (including 2020) are to be completed by a parent/guardian and submitted with supporting documentation using the online form. Out of Zone applications for 2021 have now closed.  If you have problems completing the form please contact the Enrolment Manager or phone the school 09 9706700

Once received, we will contact you by email to progress the application.

Home zone applicants for 2020 enrolment may apply at any time once they are physically residing in the home zone. For planning purposes, we would appreciate knowing in advance of intended enrolment. 

Boarding Students

Students living outside the Auckland area can apply for boarding, please contact the Epsom House Boarding Administrator to request an application form by emailing or by phone 09 9706808.

Year 9 applications have closed. for more information please contact the Epsom House Boarding Administrator

Years 10 -13 applications close on 28 August 2020.

International Students

Applications from International students are welcomed and can be lodged at any time, it is recommended at least 6 months in advance of the intended start date due to high demand.  International Student Application. For more information please contact the International Student Office

Key Dates 2021 Enrolment


2 September 2020

Deadline for receiving Out of Zone applications

9 September 2020

Ballots conducted (under the supervision of a solicitor) for Out of Zone places

11 September 2020

Parents notified of ballot outcome

September 2020 (ongoing)

Selection of option subjects

12 November 2020

Pre-enrolment Day for confirmed Year 9 students

16 November 2020 onwards

Pre-enrolment meetings arranged for new Year 10-13 students and later enrolling Year 9 students

21 December - 19 January

Enrolment Office closed

20 January 2021

Enrolment Office re-opens

3 February 2021

First day of school for new students