Students should arrive at school on time each day.  As well as being a legal requirement, regular attendance provides the best opportunity for students to be successful in their learning. Except in cases of illness, students are required by law to attend school daily and be in their classes for at least four hours each day.

  • Medical and dental appointments should be made out of school time where ever possible
  • Traffic and transport issues are not a justified reason for frequent lateness. If your student is regularly late with this reason you will be contacted by the Dean.  

Parents can view student attendance on KAMAR via the web portal.

Leaving early or arriving late

  • Students who arrive late or leave during the school day for any reason must follow correct procedures at all times for safety reasons.
  • Students must have permission from a parent, dean, nurse or counsellor, and sign in or out at Student Support
  • Medical/dental appointments are to be made out of school time. In exceptional circumstances, a note should be presented at the Attendance Office by 9am on the day of the appointment or be brought by the student to the Attendance Officer as she signs in if arriving late.

Please note permission is not granted to leave early or arrive late for: 

  • clubs, auditions, music or other lessons
  • transport difficulties


Instructions for parents or caregivers on how to notify the School of an absence can be found on our contact us page under Absence Notification. You will receive text messages, emails and/or phone calls if your daughter is absent and we have not received any prior notification. The Ministry of Education requires us to code all absence from school, so we need to know the reason for your daughter’s absence in detail. 

Unexplained absence

For safety reasons, the School will follow up on any unexplained absence.  A text will be sent to the caregiver if a student has an unexplained absence or lateness recorded during the morning periods.

Minor Illness (one to five days absence)

Parents must notify the School of any absence, specifying the reason by using the portal, telephone or email. This should be sent to the Attendance Officer  (T: 09 970 6718) before 9am daily.

If a student becomes unwell during the school day they must report to the nurse before leaving the school.  Any student under the age of 14 will need to be collected by a caregiver.  If they do not follow this process they will be marked as Truant.

Ongoing Illness (Five or more days absence)

If an absence for sickness is five (5) or more days, a medical certificate is required.  Parents should communicate with the Year Level Dean and provide a copy of the certificate to the school.  An absence of more than five (5) days for sickness without a medical certificate will be recorded as Explained, Unjustified.   

Discretionary Leave

Any discretionary leave, including overseas trips or representation in a team or performance, must be applied for to the Year Level Dean at least 10 days in advance. No accomodation for missing lessons or scheduled NCEA assessments is promised without notice so it is important to communicate as early as possible.

Continual absence (Five or more days absence)

Where a student has ongoing unexplained or unjustified absences they and their parents will be required to meet with the Dean to develop a support plan for their return to regular school.  Where the student continues to have ongoing, unexplained absence they will be referred to Truancy Services (students under 16) and may be removed from the school roll.