Student Leadership

Epsom Girls Grammar School is pleased to announce the 2023 Head Prefect Team and EGGS Prefects. The prefects are involved in all aspects of school life and are capable, confident and compassionate student leaders.

2023 Head Prefect Team

Head Prefect

Arina Chaptynova

Deputy Head Prefects

Andrea Ape-Paia 
Mikaya Kaipo
Cindy Kim

2023 Prefects

Arts and Culture Prefect: Mia Bullivant
Arts and Culture Prefect: Angari Isara
Arts and Culture Prefect: Ruby Naufahu
Arts and Culture Prefect: Libby Yee
Community Prefect: Elizabeth Buchanan 
Community Prefect: Katherine Fulton
Community Prefect: Coeun Ham
Community Prefect: Anika Lomax
Ka Hikitia Prefect: Amiria Wiki
Learning Prefect: Mia Booy
Learning Prefect: Ashley Lee
Learning Prefect: Yoonie Park
Learning Prefect: Teuila Va’aelua
Sports Prefect: Lara Colpi
Sports Prefect: Maya Fowler
Sports Prefect: Sarah Manu
Sports Prefect: Tessa Swinson
Student Council Prefect: Dinithi Bamunusinghe
Student Council Prefect: Hailey Griffiths
Peer Support Prefect: Freida Joiner
Peer Support Prefect: Carlotta Ward