Student Leadership

Epsom Girls Grammar School is pleased to announce the 2021 Head Prefect Team, EGGS Prefects and Liaison Prefects. The prefects are involved in all aspects of school life and are capable, confident and compassionate student leaders.

Deputy Head Prefect Jean Suhren, Head Prefect Trenyce Fia, Deputy Head Prefects Joelle Ireland and Caitlin Mansfield

2021 Head Prefect Team

Head Prefect
Trenyce Fia

Deputy Head Prefects
Joelle Ireland
Caitlin Mansfield
Jean Suhren

2021 Prefects

Arts and Culture Prefect: Stella Beckmann
Arts and Culture Prefect: Carina Lu
Arts and Culture Liaison Prefect: Phoebe Qian
Arts and Culture Liaison Prefect: Nadia Uy De Baron
Community Prefect: Hannah Bautista
Community Prefect: Natalie Gane
Community Liaison Prefect: Sarah-Joy Aruwa
Community Liaison Prefect: Molly-Love Louise
Learning Prefect: Olivia Mabey
Learning Prefect: Naomi Wadhwani
Learning Liaison Prefect: Saylor Bostic
Learning Liaison Prefect: Amy Yeom
Sports Prefect: Ella Freemon
Sports Prefect: Ana Manuopangai
Sports Liaison Prefect: Margot Grigg
Sports Liaison Prefect: Emma Whitlock
School Council Prefect: Zainab Bandukwala
School Council Prefect: Vicki Chow
Peer Support Prefect: Hallie Berry
Peer Support Prefect: Hiwa Majurey
Peer Support Prefect: Chloe Present