Student Leadership

Epsom Girls Grammar School is pleased to announce the 2022 Head Prefect Team, EGGS Prefects and Liaison Prefects. The prefects are involved in all aspects of school life and are capable, confident and compassionate student leaders.

2022 Head Prefect Team

Head Prefect
Dharshna Baskar

Deputy Head Prefects
Hanna Braithwaite
Sarah Keam
Waikamania Seve

2022 Prefects

Arts and Culture Prefect: Jay Cochrane
Arts and Culture Prefect: Tianling Lu
Arts and Culture Prefect: Lily-Kate Umaga
Arts and Culture Prefect: Joni Watson
Community Prefect: Teyogan Cloete
Community Prefect: Phoebe Cotter
Community Prefect: Avana Hagai
Community Prefect: Stella Holloway
Learning Prefect: Hellen Ding
Learning Prefect: Mayley Gao
Learning Prefect: Archi Patel
Learning Prefect: Hannah Rainey
Sports Prefect: Brianna Jolly
Sports Prefect: Jessica Mabey
Sports Prefect: Sienna Neill
Sports Prefect: Olivia Tyrie
School Council Prefect: Grace Gilmore
School Council Prefect: Clementine Saussey
Peer Support Prefect: Isobel Allan
Peer Support Prefect: Pratigya Tapuvae