Student Leadership

Epsom Girls Grammar School is pleased to announce the 2019 Head Prefect Team, EGGS Prefects and Liaison Prefects. The prefects are involved in all aspects of school life and are capable, confident and compassionate student leaders.

2019 Head Prefect Team

Head Prefect
Amelia Burton

Deputy Head Prefects
Rebecca Mead
Anushka Unnikrishnan
Jasmin Wiki

2019 Prefects
Arts and Culture Prefect: Ellie Cammell
Arts and Culture Prefect: Hannah Farmiloe
Arts and Culture Liaison Prefect: Chloe Smith
Arts and Culture Liaison Prefect: Suhana Grewal
Community Prefect: Sophie Larsen
Community Prefect: Katherine Nicholls
Community Liaison Prefect: Sophie Chisholm
Community Liaison Prefect: Rozhina Moradi
Learning Prefect: Rebecca Kerr
Learning Prefect: Alexandra Langenkamp
Learning Liaison Prefect: Jennifer Chen
Learning Liaison Prefect: Ariba Iqbal
Sports Prefect: Sophie Davies
Sports Prefect: Sophia Morcom
Sports Liaison Prefect: Kate Gammie-Baglini
Sports Liaison Prefect: Jade Raby
School Council Prefect: Sophie Martin
School Council Prefect: Safra Mohideen
Peer Support Prefect: Paris Collett
Peer Support Prefect: Aria Todd- Pemerika