International Students

Epsom Girls Grammar School attracts international students from around the world. We are very proud of this school, which has challenged and supported young women since 1917. 

We have dedicated staff to care for our international students while they study with us and we look forward to welcoming you to the school.



Both teachers and students are always happy to get to know new students and to learn about their countries and way of life. 
Alex Salgado, International Student

The international student programme is suitable both for long term students who are seeking to gain an internationally recognised secondary education, as well as short term students, (minimum two terms), who are pursuing a full immersion language, learning and cultural experience.

Our international students enrich the school community by preparing local students to interact in an inter-connected world and through a sharing of cultures, which enhances the ties and experiences of both groups.

In addition to the support provided by the International Team,  students can access the Student Support Team which includes: Careers Counsellors, Guidance Counsellors (including Mandarin and Korean speaking  counsellors), and the Nurses for any medical query.

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