Our History

We first opened our doors on the 12th of February 1917 with 174 students. Today the school has over 2,200 students, making it one of the largest girls schools in New Zealand.

An excerpt from Educating Women of Integrity, The Centennial History of Epsom Girls Grammar School, by Pauline Farra

"From the outset, establishing Epsom Girls Grammar School was a struggle. Despite a clear need for a second girls’ school in Auckland, education administrators continued to prioritise boys’ education. Eventually EGGS emerged as an old, adapted Villa and a handful of classrooms on the Silver Road site. When the doors opened in 1917 the School had already exceeded capacity.

Undaunted by a shortage of funds and a swelling roll, the first Headmistress, Anne Morrison, established a state school that took girls’ education seriously and strove for all-round excellence. Morrison has been followed by ten Principals, all strong women with a passion for providing first-class education for girls.

Epsom Girls Grammar School has a proud history of embracing and leading change while continuing to strive for excellence. Today Epsom Girls Grammar School has a roll of over 2,200 students, modern facilities and continues to be a leader in girls’ education in New Zealand."

Educating Women of Integrity, The Centennial History of Epsom Girls Grammar School chronicles the different eras of the School during each of the Principals’ tenures, their leadership styles, the historical and social contexts of the times and the resulting educational beliefs and strategies.

Purchase a copy of the book from the School shop and discover the layers of history at EGGS, delve into the stories and beautiful illustrations within the book.

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We are very proud of this school which has challenged and supported young women since 1917 and has produced many leaders in a variety of walks of life. 
Lorraine Pound, Principal