Alex Salgado - Mexico

At EGGS there are so many opportunities for sport, arts and culture and academic pursuits. EGGS has a welcoming environment; both teachers and students are always happy to get to know new students and to learn about their countries and way of life. I personally enjoyed the music program EGGS provides, and the many extra-curricular activities and groups. These have all enriched my home-stay experience. It has been an amazing experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Giulia Pilia - Italy

There is something about the close relationship between students and teachers that is comforting here but more than that, what I have loved is students being able to choose their subjects. This means that every person in the class is interested in what they are learning. However, above everything else what I find incredible is the sense of pride that came with attending this school. I have only been here two months, but from day two I felt like I had my place, and that is incredibly special.

Another great element about EGGS is the girls; going to an all-girls school has practically changed my life beyond all my expectations, they have made me feel so welcome and included that I now feel like I have known them all my life. Moreover, that is what EGGS does to you; it makes you think about why you have not been there all your life.

Phuong (Jennifer) Dang Ngoc Minh - Vietnam

If you are still hesitating on whether or not you should choose Epsom Girls Grammar School for your education, I suggest you to stop and enrol now! Being an international student away from home, EGGS has become my family in New Zealand, where I have had the opportunity to experience Kiwi life to the fullest, as well as where I have received so much love and support to grow more as a person and expand my passion in specific learning fields to prepare for my future university life. I am so proud to be an EGGS girl.

Mia Wang - China

I have been accepted by the University of Melbourne and been offered the 100% International Undergraduate Fee Remission Scholarship. I never thought I could get any scholarship from Melbourne and not even once did I think about 100% fee remission. This is all thanks to Epsom Girls Grammar School.

Whenever I had any questions the teachers are always there for me. Due to the dedication of my teachers I have achieved so well academically. I lived in a really good homestay. They treated me just like their own daughter. Even now I still call them mom and dad. Being involved in such a great family has changed me a lot. They have taught me so much life lessons. They made me a well rounded person. They made me feel loved. This is all thanks to the hard work of the homestay team.

The International department is always a great place to go, it’s just like our home. We come here for the huge smile from Ms Kerr, the warm welcome from Ms Fletcher and Ms Kraettli, the kind greeting from Mrs Bostock and Ms Huang.Thank you EGGS for giving me so many opportunities and thank you International Department for always having my back. I'm so proud that I'm a graduate of Epsom Girls Grammar School.