Support & Facilities

We have a dedicated Student Support services team that provide a coordinated system of support for our international students, and facilities that enable innovative learning so that they can study and relax in our safe and caring school environment.

Student Support

Our staff are aware of the special requirements of international students. The Student Support Services team has extensive experience in helping students in their study, curriculum planning, academic progress, language, social and health support and vocational direction.

Students can study and relax in our safe and caring school environment. They are encouraged to develop personal values compatible with their family expectations and ethnic or religious backgrounds.

We want to make sure each student has the opportunity to achieve her personal best. For this reason, we are in contact with the authorities of the Universities, Polytechnics, Welfare and Immigration Departments to ensure students have minimal stress during their time with us.

Support people for international students

Director of International Students:  Mrs Terry Kraettli

International Student Dean: Mrs Elizabeth Hames

International Student Manager: Ms Joanne Bostock

International Accommodation Co-ordinator: Mrs Bronwyn McNeill

International Services Officer: Mrs Ayako Murakami

International Student Admin Support: Mrs Sarah Kerr

Student Support Services provide a coordinated system of support for students. We advise and provide counselling in schoolwork, personal development and careers. We want to help every student make the most of her learning opportunities.

Our ESOL team assists international students in improving their English and in adapting to the New Zealand school system. The School assesses students according to their ability in English and offers differentiated courses so that we can provide the right assistance.

Our guidance counsellors are available to help students with more complex personal problems.

Our careers advisor is available to help students with tertiary education plans.


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