Students are expected to be in New Zealand in time for the orientation. We will arrange for the student’s residential caregiver or agent to meet them at Auckland International Airport. If this is not possible we will arrange for a member of staff to meet them.

The Dean of International Students will take new students through an orientation programme which will introduce them to student buddies and give students the information they need to start Epsom Girls Grammar School with confidence.

Tour around Epsom Girls Grammar School

Students will be given a map of the school. They will also be given an Orientation Booklet which will familiarise them with our school, subjects available and the international staff.

The tour aims to familiarise students with important places around the school. We incorporate the administration building, i.e. Principal's Office; Deputy Principal's Offices and student reception, into the tour. We also include the International Student Office (Dean and Accommodation Manager), sickbay, uniform and stationery shop (the Dean will also assist the student in the purchase of school uniform if required), counsellors, library, lunch bar – opening times and what students can buy, sport facilities (gymnasia, swimming pools, field), assembly hall and computer rooms.

Tour around the Epsom area

We will also offer a tour around the Epsom area. This tour aims to familiarise students with the local community. Students will be shown where important facilities are, e.g. Newmarket shopping area, post office, local library, where bus stops are and how they can buy a bus pass.

In addition, within the first two weeks of term, we will also offer a tour to places of interest such as Devonport.