A variety of committees and interest groups enjoy learning activities outside the classroom. They aim to broaden, redefine and ignite the idea of learning, by introducing students to all the inspiring cultural and creative ways we learn at EGGS.

The Learning EGG has a vision to acknowledge all forms of learning potential through the embodiment of our School values: courage, compassion, curiosity and community. This vision is fulfilled each year through the work of seven Year 13 committees and many interest groups. The groups provide different levels of participation and leadership opportunities. We hope to continue with the ‘Unicorns and Vacuum Cleaners’ Summit for Year 13 students that provides them with workshops and activities that focus on future pathways and the transition from high school to tertiary education and the wider-world.

Students are able to engage in learning that springboards from their curriculum studies, and/or whatever else sparks an interest. All students are welcome to join in.

For further information, contact Amanda Vaughan

Learning committees and interest groups

  • Animal Rights
  • Book Club
  • Brain Bee
  • Careers Ambassadors
  • Challenge
  • Chess Club
  • Coding Club/Egaming Club
  • Conservation Group
  • Culinary Group
  • Ethics Olympiad
  • Film Society
  • Gardening Group
  • German Kaffee Klatsch
  • Humanitarian Group
  • IT Crowd
  • Languages Synhedrion
  • Latin Group
  • Maths Clubs (including AMPSO, Mathex)
  • Model United Nations/ UN Youth
  • Monetary Policy Challenge
  • NZ's Next Top Engineering Scientist Competition
  • Pasifika
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Philosophy
  • Robotics
  • Sci Fi & Astronomy Club
  • Science Club
  • Sustainability
  • Spelling Bee
  • Young Enterprise