A diverse collection of committees and groups are linked by several common themes: service, equity and cooperation. These groups aim to develop and strengthen a sense of identity and spirit not just amongst the students, but the wider school and sometimes global community as well.

The Community EGG is made up of a number of committees and interest groups who curate events, volunteering opportunities and fundraisers to help maintain safe and supportive environments for our Epsom family. The Community Egg consists of students and staff willing to spend time helping and supporting others. Certain committees provide leadership opportunities for Year 13 students, while others are open to all students from Year 9 through to Year 13.

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Community groups and committees 
  • Duke of Edinburgh 
  • Embrace
  • Epsom House
  • Epsom Spectrum
  • Heart of EGGS
  • Interact Club
  • International
  • Kotahitanga
  • MASH 
  • Muslim Group
  • Outreach
  • Peer Support
  • SADD
  • Student Council
  • The Rock (Christian Group)
  • Unicef
  • Women's Cancer Group
  • Year 13