Digital Learning

Our vision for learning is around innovation and evidence-based best practice, incorporating a wide range of blended learning approaches.

In 2023 we recommend all students to bring a device with the following specifications:

  • laptop, netbook, or tablet PC (smart PC) will provide students with a comprehensive learning tool and is ideal as an information and content creation device.
  • Operating system– this device must have a full operating system – either Windows or Mac OSX would be appropriate. Note that not all tablet PCs, netbooks and Chromebooks have full operating systems. Please check this before you commit to a purchase. Chromebooks are only suitable for Year 9 & 10, e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud Suite cannot be installed on them.
  • Internet Browser – we use Google Chrome which has the necessary interface for our systems.
  • Common browser plugins– the device must have common browser plugins installed on it. This includes Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, Adobe Shockwave and Apple Quicktime.
  • Language – the device operating system and browsers must be set to display in English.
  • Google G Suite for Education– we use a customised EGGS G Suite environment for teaching and learning. This provides students with a free Office-type environment available through the Internet.
  • Due to factors such as battery life and warranty, you’ll probably need to purchase two devices during the student’s 5 years at EGGS.

Please remember to name your daughter’s device for safety. 

EGGS has a School-wide wireless system to connect students to web-based sites from their devices. We also enable our teachers to stay up to date with new technology and teaching practice through ongoing professional development, to ensure that the best approaches are used to support learning.

For additional information and recommended attributes, visit the Bringing Your Own Device to EGGS page.

Digital Citizenship Agreement

All students at Epsom Girls Grammar School are required to sign a Digital Citizenship Contract. Click here to download a complete copy of the Digital Citizenship Agreement.