Communication between home & school

A strong partnership between home and the School helps students succeed in their education. We welcome all communication with parents to ensure our students are supported in their learning and personal development.

Meetings with staff

Meetings with the Principal, Deputy Principals, Deans or Student Support personnel can be arranged by phoning for an appointment. Interviews with individual teachers can be arranged through the Deans, or at parent-teacher conferences.

Website, social media, newsletters and notices

The School website and Facebook page are updated regularly to inform students and parents about school life and remind them of upcoming events. The Principal sends newsletter updates every fortnight.

Detailed reporting of student progress

Student-led conferences are held for all year levels late in Term 1. The tutor teacher facilitates a student-led conversation about learning. Reports on each student’s progress and achievement are posted on the web portal at mid-year and in Term 4.

Subject teacher report conferences are held mid-year and provide an opportunity for students, parents and the subject teacher to discuss progress, achievement and individual needs. Students are expected to attend and participate.

Parents are encouraged to contact the School at any time to discuss the academic progress of their daughter. Their first contact should be the appropriate Dean. 

Changes of address, email and telephone number

It is important that we have the correct contact details for our students as well as their parents and caregivers, including emergency contacts. Please notify the Dean via email or the portal if there are any changes.