All international students must have a current and valid student visa before enrolling at Epsom Girls Grammar School. Without one, students will not be allowed at school.

A valid student visa must include the condition that they are to study at Epsom Girls Grammar School. Students with visas from other institutions (e.g. language school or another NZ high school) must either apply for new visas or a variation of conditions.

The first application for a student visa needs to be done personally or through an agency. We are able to help with subsequent applications.

Please visit the following website for more information:


All international students must have full (maximum) travel and medical insurance.

Students may purchase their own insurance, but it must meet the School’s requirements and the Code of Practice as follows:

  • The start date should commence the day the student leaves her home country
  • Cover must include any holidays to the student’s home country during her period of study
  • No excess to medical claims
  • Cover for emergency evacuation/repatriation
  • Cover for accompanying relative
  • Cover for the student’s personal effects
  • Cover for personal liability
  • The insurer needs to be a reputable and established company with substantial experience in the travel insurance business
  • The insurer must have a credit rating of at least an A from Standard and Poors, or B+ from A M Best. AAA is the highest credit rating
  • The insurer must provide emergency 24-hour, 7-day-per-week cover 

Alternatively, we are able to purchase insurance on your behalf.