Board of Trustees

The school is governed by the Board of Trustees, which sets the strategic direction for the School, and ensures compliance with legal and policy requirements.

Our current Board of Trustees comprises a group of elected parent and community representatives, an elected staff representative, an elected student representative, and the principal. We are very fortunate that our Trustees bring a wide range of professional and life skills to their governance role. 

Miss Promise Akindeju - Student Representative

My name is Promise Akindeju, albeit a plethora of Epsom Girls’ Grammar students know me as “the girl who did the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ parody rap for her student representative speech in front of the school”. However, when I’m not exercising my “cool” rapping abilities, I am a year twelve student at Epsom Girls Grammar School.

Late last year, after my hard work and dedication towards receiving this role, I was elected by my peers to be the Student Representative on the Board of Trustees at EGGS.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of an amalgamation of trustees with various specific roles. Together we unite and use our viewpoints to further improve the school, maintain the school’s high standard of learning, enhance student achievement. Specifically, my goal is to use this great opportunity to make my school an even better learning environment by being the bridge between the student body, and the important people who shape the way the school is run (i.e. provide student insight).

EGGS has already exceeded 100 years at this school, and within this time, student achievement has been exceptional. As both a board trustee and a student, I can’t wait to see how the auspicious future that Epsom holds, pans out.

Mrs Virginia Bishop - Trustee

Originally a trained and registered secondary school teacher, my career journey to date has seen me gain significant experience in senior and executive operational and strategic leadership roles across private and public enterprises.

I am an energetic individual who thrives in dynamic, complex environments where I have the opportunity to offer leadership to people and projects that impact the lives of others and strengthen communities. I have a commitment to excellence and a desire to work hard to achieve the best outcomes. I am passionate about learning and development, actively contributing in paid and voluntary positions within the education sector. This includes being a member of the Old Girls Association where I am currently the committee secretary and a trustee on the EGGS Foundation - an incorporated charitable trust with the purpose of serving the school in the advancement of education.

My husband, Brett, and I have 2 daughters at ANI. I am delighted that both girls are keen to continue their education journeys through Epsom Girls Grammar.

As a representative of the parents of the EGGS community I bring broad general management skills in leadership, finance, strategy and property and an ability to problem solve while focusing on innovation with a strong sense for the future and big picture. Combined with being an active Old Girl immersed within the fabric of the school I have awareness and understanding to support EGGS to continue to respond to emerging shifts and trends in education.

Outside work you will find me enjoying the outdoors with our family or you will see me courtside or poolside supporting school sports or fundraising for events across our wider Epsom community of learning. 

Mr Philip Bradley - Trustee

My wife, Suzanne and I are parents to three daughters, Rebekah, Summer and Georgia who cover the range of student life at Epsom Girls; two have finished Year 13 in 2015 and 2018 respectively, while the youngest continues doing her NCEA levels. I count it a privilege to serve the school community with a background that includes teaching, architecture, graphic design and business. I have a strong interest in the role of parents as partners in education and on school/community engagement.

As you read through these trustee profiles, think back to your own school days. Who was the teacher you will never forget? What would you do different then, knowing what you know now? Where would you like to our children to be in the future? Questions like these underly my thinking as we draft governance policy, set the vision and ensure compliance.  Turou Hawaiki 

Ms Julie Goodyer - Trustee

I am a lawyer with over 30 years’ experience. I attended EGGS in the 1970s and my two daughters attended EGGS from 2009 - 2013.

I am the Treasurer of the EGGS Old Girls Association and I was President from 2010 - 2014.

I chair the Board of Trustees’ Epsom House Committee and am also on the Finance and Property, and Curriculum sub committees.

Ms Rachel Heeney – Staff representative

I have been teaching biology and science at Epsom Girls for the past 20 years. Needlesstosay I love it here and during my time here I have been involved with rowing, underwater hockey, organising trips to Vanuatu and Samoa as well as being on various committees over the years. I have co-written textbooks and helped deliver biology professional development to biology teachers throughout NZ. 

I had thought about how I could contribute to the wider school and in 2015 become the staff representative on the Board. I am certainly impressed by the Board here at EGGS and can see the school from a different angle. We have a fabulous caring and innovative staff here, terrific students and a great management team - I hope my daughter who is now only 11 would like to come here for her education too.

Mr Chris Iles – Chairperson

I am the current Chair of the EGGS Board of Trustees. Both of my daughters are now EGGS Old Girls with Sophie leaving last year. They both loved their EGGS experience and are now enjoying life as University Students in Wellington.

EGGS continues to be a high performing educational institution and as a board we are extremely proud of the achievements of all the EGGS students. A high performing culture is not possible without a dedicated team focused on continually driving and aspiring to deliver an all-round quality educational experience. The ERO report from 2018 further highlighted the high quality of education both inside and outside the classroom.

As a board we need to ensure the school has all at its disposal to continue to push boundaries and strive to continually outperform our expectations. There are a number of key property projects on our masterplan designed to enhance the educational experience and will require the support of our wide community network to realise these ambitious projects. 

EGGS is also very fortunate to have a very strong skill set amongst the current trustees and it has also made me appreciate the passion, pride and dedication from all whom strive to make EGGS the successful school it is.

Ms Wendy Kerr  - Trustee

Mrs Lorraine Pound – Principal

Ms Kate Smith - Trustee

My daughter Chloe is in Year 13 at EGGS and I am an old girl of EGGS finishing my 7th form in 1991. I am proud to be an elected Board member and to represent the interests of the entire school community. I am currently on the Personnel Committee and chairperson of the Enrolment Committee.

I have been in the NZ Police for nearly 23 years and am currently a Detective Sergeant, for the North Island, training new detectives. I am a facilitator for the Police High Performance Framework and am a firm believer that leadership and performance are the basis for a strong career in whatever vocation our kids choose to follow in their adult lives.  I continue to amass varied and unusual skills that I bring to the EGGS Board.

I am a great believer in empowering young people to make the right decisions to help them grow into the people they want to become. I am thrilled to be able to give-back to the school that gave me the opportunities and support to strive for high performance in all aspects of life.

Ms Kiri Turketo - Whanau Representative

Kia Ora my name is Kiri Turketo and I am the Māori whānau rep for the Board of Trustees.

I am a secondary school principal and have two girls currently at EGGS. I am proactive in my community and have served on several BOTs. I welcome any and all parents who may be thinking of serving on the EGGS BOT.

Mr Tovia Va'aelua - Trustee

Mrs Lisa Strachan - Board of Trustees Secretary