Epsom House Finance

If eligible, there is government financial assistance available to students boarding away from home.

Based on eligibility, the government may support students boarding away from home through boarding allowances. Please note your daughter's eligibility for any boarding allowances will not guarantee a hostel place but if she does get accepted into Epsom House you may wish to apply for financial assistance.

The boarding allowance is funding from the Ministry of Education and for New Zealand residents. There are two different types of boarding allowance:

Access barrier

This is for students in New Zealand who live too far away from an appropriate school and the Ministry’s school transport does not provide a solution.

Multiple barriers

This is where a student experiences more than one of the following difficulties in their life that makes it hard to go to school or do well at school:

  1. Poor participation at school
  2. Poor relationships
  3. Behavioural issues
  4. Low educational achievement
  5. Environment

For further information and to find out if your daughter is eligible for a boarding allowance please visit the Ministry of Education website.