Promise Akindeju

Promise is an all-rounder student, high achieving and involved in many co-curricular activities. She was the Head Prefect for 2020.

Promise excels academically and has won a number of awards at prize giving, including the Gae Griffiths Award for All-Round Excellence in Year 9, The Epsom Girls Grammar School Old Girls Association Prize for Service to the School in Year 10 and the Gay Roberts Science Prize in Year 11. She was elected as the school's Board of Trustees Student Representative for 2019.

In addition to her academic learning, she has been a proactive student participating in many co-curricular activities and clubs including Stage Challenge, Slam Poetry, Debating, Netball, NIWA Science Fair, Bronze and Silver Crest, Student Council, Choir and the UNICEF committee.

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To me, a good teacher is an educator who wants to pave the way for their students’ futures...a good teacher reflects the teachers that I’ve had throughout EGGS. 
Promise Akindeju

Promise was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Shortly after she was born, her family moved to Leicester, England where she undertook her pre-school education. They then moved to New Zealand just before she started at primary school and she says " I have loved every passing second since moving here". Promise is a global citizen who believes that difference is what makes people unique.

She recalls "during the frosty winters in Leicester, my fondest pastime was building snowmen. Despite my lack of building prowess at the time, I’d remain determined to create my version of a perfect snowman. So even when my snowman didn’t win first place (or second or third), I was still happy because I knew I had tried my best. I learnt that in the end, trying your best is what really matters."


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I enjoy science subjects because they encourage discovery and expansive thinking. 
Promise Akindeju
What subject do you enjoy most and why?

I value subjects that embody creativity, logic, and discovery. In my view, all my subject choices reflect this, and so truthfully I really don’t have a “favourite”. I enjoy Maths and Digital Technologies as they’re based on logic and reasoning; I enjoy my Chemistry, Biology and Physics classes as they encourage discovery and expansive thinking; and I’m fond of subjects like English and Health/P.E because of the creative freedom these classes give me.

What subject do you find the most challenging and why?

I find the experiments and practical side of Chemistry tricky at times due to how still your hands need to be, and how precise your measurements must be too. Despite this, Chemistry is still one of my favourite subjects as it has given me useful real-world knowledge, and information for my future career path (which I hope will involve the sciences). I like challenging myself. Who knows, maybe I’ll develop steady enough hands to become a brain surgeon...but that’s just wishful thinking for now!

What have you read recently?

I love to read a good book! My favourites as of now are: ‘I’ll Give you the Sun’ by Jandy Nelson, ‘All the Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven, ‘Eleanor & Park’ by Rainbow Rowell, ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’ by Jesse Andrews, and ‘Phantom Limbs’ by Paula Garner.

What is your definition of a good teacher?

To me, a good teacher is an educator who wants to pave the way for their students’ futures and is someone who is considerate enough to ensure that all different kinds of students are provided with enough support to do so. In short, a good teacher reflects the teachers that I’ve had throughout EGGS.

Describe EGGS in 5 words:

The key to locked opportunities.