Feb 22, 2024

Scholars' Awards

IMG 1513

On Thursday 15 February during a special assembly we recognised the academic achievements of our Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 Scholars from 2023. The three groups, pictured here with Principal Brenda McNaughton, are to be congratulated for their outstanding academic success. We wish our leavers all the very best in their next endeavours.

Outstanding Scholars:
Drayton Colson: 3rd = Photography
Sabine Edmonds: Classical studies (Sabine also received Scholarships in History and Art History)
Audrey Goggin: 2nd = Painting
Bridget Kirton-Luxford: 2nd = Painting
Mariana Nascimento: 3rd = Photography
Anabel Wu: 2nd = Painting (Annabel also received Scholarship in Design and Visual Communication)  

Multiple Scholars:
Cindy Kim:  Scholarships in Statistics, Chemistry, English and Biology
April Li: Scholarships in Biology, Chemistry, Statistics and Calculus
Minju Kim: Scholarships in Design, Painting and Design and Visual Communication