Lida Bao Dux

Navigating the Path to Dentistry: A Scholar's Journey from EGGS to Otago

Embarking on a journey from Epsom Girls' Grammar School to the University of Otago, our 2023 Dux, Lida Bao shares her aspirations, experiences, and insights that have shaped her academic journey. Lida will study Health Sciences and hopes to obtain admission to Dentistry in her second year.

In a decade's time, she envisions herself flourishing in Dentistry, a field where she can continuously grow, challenge herself, and emerge as a leader. Whether excelling in her profession or pursuing further education, her vision encompasses a future marked by career achievements, personal fulfillment, and positive contributions to her community.

For those currently navigating the challenges of Year 13, her advice is a beacon of wisdom. Encouraging active engagement in learning through questions and classroom discussions, she advocates for the power of consistency in daily efforts. Small steps, when focused on moving forward, contribute to significant progress.

"Doing a little bit every day is also very effective as it reduces procrastination until the last minute. The important thing is to focus on moving forward and making progress, no matter how small the steps may seem."

Reflecting on her time at EGGS, a standout memory is the Year 13 Learning Summit. Engaging with university students, professionals, and past EGGS students, she found motivation in the achievements and future goals shared by her predecessors. The event inspired her to pursue her passions, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities that EGGS provides.

Her personal growth at EGGS is a testament to the transformative power of education. Overcoming a fear of public speaking, she embraced various leadership roles and joined diverse groups. The supportive environment at EGGS, coupled with her determination to push beyond her comfort zone, allowed her to develop valuable communication skills and explore new interests.

Gratitude is expressed for the exceptional teachers who played a pivotal role in her journey. Mrs. Waddell, Ms. McKenzie-Downey, and Miss Hong are highlighted for their contagious passion for teaching and their ability to make challenging subjects engaging and approachable.

As she steps into the realm of Health Sciences at the University of Otago, this scholar carries with her the lessons, memories, and growth cultivated at EGGS, embarking on a new chapter with the aspiration of making a lasting impact in the field of Dentistry.