Hannah Huddleston

Hannah Huddleston

Epsom Girls Grammar School 2021 Dux, Hannah Huddleston was awarded 4 Scholarships: Accounting and Statistics at Outstanding level, Chemistry and Physics. Hannah was also recognised as a 2021 Outstanding Scholar Award Winner by The New Zealand Qualifications Authority. This is a prestigious award with only 53 students across the country recognised in 2021. This year, Hannah begins studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering conjoint with Bachelors of Science majoring in Mathematics at the University of Auckland. We caught up with Hannah for an interview:

Where do you see yourself in ten years' time?

In ten years' time I see myself immersed in an engineering career, hopefully making some sort of difference in our society. I also hope to see myself relaxed and still enjoying life.

What advice do you have for this in Year 13 this year - who want to achieve at a high level?

My advice to those in Year 13 wanting to achieve at a high level would be to just relax and do your best. Be sure to never compare yourself to others as that never ends well. Believe in yourself and know one bad grade doesn't define you or the rest of your academic year.

What experiences or moments are memorable for you on your learning journey at EGGS?

My most memorable moments from EGGS would likely be from my Year 11 MTX extension Mathematics class where both the students and teacher were so supportive. Our teacher challenged and encouraged our class enough that we were able to make it through Level 2 Mathematics successfully. This experience really encouraged me to keep doing my best and to continue aiming high. 

What are you reading?

A biography on Florence Nightingale which I was given as a graduation gift.

What did you do over the summer?

With the beautiful weather this summer, I spent most of it outdoors with family and friends traveling the country. The main highlights would definitely be the trips out of Auckland to Wellington, Queenstown and road tripping around the central North Island. Other than the big trips away, my favorite summer activities are probably having picnics in the park or finding new beaches.