HEARTS contract image

Awarded a contract with the Auckland HEARTS for 2023-24.

The Auckland HEARTS are one of the professional female cricket sides that play in the SuperSmash and Hallyburton Johnston competitions. Up to 13 players can be contracted each season with a handful of White Ferns rounding out the squad. After debuting earlier this year Elizabeth Buchanan has been awarded a HEARTS contract for 2023-24.

Epsom Girls Grammar have always excelled in the cricket discipline; this can be shown through the abundance of EGGS alumni in the HEARTS squad with Bella Armstrong, Breearne Illing, and Amie Hucker all featuring in this year's contract list. Maddy Green, a current White Fern, is also in the squad.

"It is a real privilege to be awarded a contract; I am grateful for all the opportunities that have been provided by EGGS throughout the years."