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Chenhuan Liu

Chenhuan Liu is a top achieving student at EGGS, a budding mathematician and musician.

In 2018, Chen placed first equal at the University of Otago Junior Mathematics Competition for Year 11. The Maths Competition offers challenges and problem-solving for junior high school students across New Zealand. The Competition now in its 34th year attracts 10,000 entries from 250 schools across the country per year.

In recognition of her academic excellence at EGGS, Chen has received several awards at prize giving including the Scholar’s Award (2018), the Gae Griffiths Award for All-Round Excellence in Year 11 (2018), The Old Girls’ Association Award for Service to the School (2017), and the Florence Patterson Memorial Prize for Mathematics (2016 & 2018).

In 2016, she received her Level 4 Diploma in Music (Piano) Performance, along with gaining 2nd and 3rd places in the IRMT Chinese Music Support Group Piano Scholarship, Northshore Performing Arts Competition, and Chinese Writing Competition. Chen says "the numerous orchestras and extension music courses at EGGS have allowed me to continue my musical journey."

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The school offers a diverse range opportunities, and taking up these opportunities has given me unforgettable experiences. 
Chenhuan Liu

Chen is actively engaged in a number of co-curricular activities at EGGS including the UNICEF Committee, Chamber Music Contest, Chamber Orchestra, Symphonia, Silver CREST, Maths Club and Advanced Debating. She is also a Mathex and debating Coach.

She says "not only does EGGS have an extensive range of co-curricular groups, but it also notifies students of competitions at school and outside of school that we can take part in."

Since Year 9, Chen has participated in the following competitions:

  • Australian Maths Competition (2016: High Distinction and Best in School, 2017: Distinction, 2018: High Distinction)
  • Junior Otago Maths Competition (2016: Top 30 , 2017: Top 200, 2018: First Equal)
  • Computational Algorithmic Thinking (2016: Distinction)
  • Australian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad (2016: High Distinction & Best Individual Score)
  • ICAS Science (2017: Distinction)
  • NIWA Science Fair (2017: 1st in Category & Science Awards Trust Prize)
  • Bronze Crest (2017)
  • Auckland Mathematical Olympiad Competition (2018: 12th place)

Chen considers EGGS as "a greatly supportive school that motivates students in their academics just as much as it encourages students in their co-curricular pursuits. Teachers are understanding, and the inspiring environment is perfect for educational growth. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy being a student at EGGS, because my experiences so far have shaped the person I am now."

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I believe that good teachers are patient, strict, and prepared. They teach students not only subject contents but also life values. 
Chenhuan Liu
What subject do you enjoy most and why?

I thoroughly enjoy all my subjects. Enjoyment of learning is crucial, so I always try to select subjects that I find both interesting and useful. If I have to choose one, maths is my favourite subject.

What subject do you find the most challenging and why?

The subject I find the most challenging is music. This course demands a wide range of skills, such as composing, arranging, analysing, performing, and much more. I personally think that in order to understand music well, one needs to have years of experience.

What have you read recently?

Recently, I have read a number of books, such as “On Her Own Two Feet” by Pam Evans, “The Queen’s Handmaid” by Tracey L.Higley, and “The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein” by Kiersten White. I also read the NZ Herald every day to keep myself updated on national and global affairs.

What is your definition of a good teacher?

I believe that good teachers are patient, strict, and prepared. They teach students not only subject contents but also life values.

What would you like to accomplish, academically or in co-curricular activities, during your time at EGGS?

I would like to participate in all areas of EGGS life and try new different activities. Academically, I hope to improve on my current skill set and prepare myself well for NCEA exams this year.

Describe EGGS in 5 words.

United. Compassionate. Inspiring. Supportive. Diverse.