Mar 4, 2024

Visual Art Scholarships with Outstanding Performance

Bridget Kirton Luxford

It was an incredible year, in 2023, for the Visual Arts at Epsom Girls Grammar School. As well as continuing to be a thriving and dynamic space where creative and critical thinking flourishes, we had record achievement across all five Art Disciplines. Visual Art and Art History students gained 21 Scholarships over-all, 5 with Outstanding Performance across Painting and Photography, and 4 folios ranked highly in Sculpture and Printmaking. We are so proud of all the mahi our ākonga put into their folios. Their hard work and commitment was so evident in their incredible bodies of work and pages of research that supported their submissions.

Bridget Kirton-Luxford, Scholarship with Outstanding Performance 23/24. Bridget’s folio explores fear, repulsion and the macabre, with filmic references to horror.

Audrey Goggin, Scholarship with Outstanding Performance 23/24. Audrey’s folio explores nostalgia, quilting and intergenerational art making.

Anabel Wu, Scholarship with Outstanding Performance 23/24. Anabel’s folio explores concepts of how messages are communicated within a surrealist sphere.

Drayton Colson, Scholarship with Outstanding Performance. Drayton’s folio explores ideas of immortality and climate change through the goddess-heroine.

Mariana Nascimento, Scholarship with Outstanding Performance. Mariana’s folio documents her mothers process of making reborn dolls.