Jun 29, 2022

Fia Fia Night

IMG 4433

This past month has been very busy for Arts & Culture, with lots of performances and concerts showcased. We have been overwhelmed with the talent coming out of our school and we are so glad we have been able to showcase these students! Most notably, Fia Fia Night was an incredible success with 10 groups performing traditional and modern cultural dances. We completely sold out of tickets prior to the show, which gave the groups a full house to perform in front of and a compelling atmosphere. The show went down without a hitch, and we are so grateful that after all the uncertainty with Covid we were still able to put on a great night while abiding by precautions to ensure everyone was kept safe. We acknowledge all the helpers throughout the night, from the tech team to runners to ticket sellers, who enabled a cohesive showcase which ran smoothly. We thank our performers for making us proud with their dedication and love for their respective cultures.

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The Arts & Culture prefects (Joni Watson, Tianling Liu, Jay Cochrane, Lily-Kate Umaga)