L Block Renovation

The EGGS Foundation is raising funds and here is how you can help. Our challenge is to build a vibrant, well-connected, physical environment that encourages and supports many different types of learning.

The School will be embarking on an innovative project this year. We want to upgrade an old school building, L Block, into a flexible learning environment equipped to meet the needs of our students, families and teachers. Learning is at the heart of this redevelopment.

Updated Entrance render
The L Block renovation will create a positive environment for our students, a multi-functional space for connected and collaborative learning and a stronger sense of community. 
Lorraine Pound, Principal

The government will only fund the interior of the block, so the School has to raise enough funds to extend the flexible learning environment to a multi-purpose outdoor space.

Make a donation

Support innovative learning.

This space will be used for breakout learning, meetings, individual and group work and a covered recreational space for lunchtimes. We can build the whole package with your generous support.

Please help us raise $150,000 for the advancement of education.

The benefits

The outdoor space will:

  • Encourage creative and critical thinking
  • Optimise learning
  • Improve student achievement
  • Provide access to the winter sun’s light and heat
  • Give protection from summer heat and sun
  • Offer shelter from the rain during all seasons. 
  • The flexible learning environment creates positive, supportive relationships between students and teachers and forms the basis for our learning.

Donor Wall of Honour

A one-off donation of $500 means you can have a name of your choice engraved on a dedicated wall within our L Block. You can become a permanent part of EGGS history and honour your family, an individual, friends or lost loved ones on our Donor Wall of Honour. We gratefully accept any donations, small or large.

Please complete a donation form (PDF).

Thank you for supporting EGGS.