The EGGS Foundation

The Epsom Girls Grammar School Foundation was established in 1999 and helps foster and grow the EGGS community. We are an Incorporated Charitable Trust governed by independent Trustees and have a particular focus on helping our School and students continue to succeed.

The Foundation supports the fundraising projects of the School, as well as managing and administering the funds raised and endowments gifted to the School. We also help students, staff, sport and cultural groups using the Heritage Fund and our annual endowment awards.

The Foundation has contributed to funding and co-ordinating a wide variety of projects over the years including:

  • The Judith Potter Centre (formerly L Block)
  • The Joyce Fisher Sports Centre
  • Raye Freedman Arts Centre
  • Establishment of the Heritage Fund to help students and teachers
  • Provision of scholarships and endowments
  • Father and Daughter Breakfasts
  • Gala auctions
  • Purchase of grand pianos
  • Purchase of wireless network and computer equipment
  • Support of cultural groups, sports teams and equipment

If you are interested in supporting our fundraising activities and events through the EGGS Foundation, please contact the Foundation Office by email: or by phone: 09 970 6753.

There are many ways to show your support for the School and we look forward to discussing them with you.