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International Languages Week

From the 22 - 26 August Epsom Girls
Grammar School celebrated International
Languages Week, with competitions and
activities organised by the students who
are part of the Languages Synhedrion

The week started of with some arts and
crafts, including a Latin and Classics cake
decorating competition, Eifel Tower
building and origami. On Tuesday we
had the opportunity to learn some basics
of languages such as Russian, Swedish,
Korean, Italian and German.

On Wednesday we celebrated an
International Film Festival and we
welcomed two visitors from the Linguistics
Department of the University of Auckland
who talked to us about study options and
career paths where languages can be a
very valuable asset.

The week fnished with a pi├▒ata party and a barbecue and pain au chocolat sale. This was a great event where we could celebrate the rich
cultural and linguistic diversity of our school. The Languages Department would like to thank everyone that became involved and contributed
to its success.

From the Spanish Department

On Tuesday 30 August, the Spanish
Department organised a Spanish
Immersion Day and welcomed four
lecturers from Massey University. Our
visitors organised four workshops in
which our students learnt about Spanish
phonetics, general Hispanic culture, Pre-
Columbian Civilizations and Salsa dancing.
Around 260 students were involved in the
Immersion Day. This was a fantastic day
where our students could put into practice
their Spanish language skills, be exposed
to diferent aspects of Hispanic culture and
experience frst-hand how valuable their
Spanish can be outside the classroom.

We would like to thank Dr Leonel Alvarado,
Dr Celina Bortolotto, Dr Jose Diaz Rodriguez
and Francisco Gonzalez Bonilla for coming
to visit us and for running such interactive
and engaging workshops.
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