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Curriculum News

ACCOS - Restorative Practice

As part of the 2016 ACCOS funded project a professional learning within a school, staf to staf, staf to student and student to student,
group has been established to make restorative practice relevant issues are more easily managed. As a group we have used and shared
and meaningful in learning for both students/staf and the school tools to develop these changes in professional student/teacher
community. EGGS is adopting a restorative practice approach that relationships. Through our discussions, meetings and refections
encourages our students to think more broadly about the impact of we have looked at restorative practice as a proactive strategy to
their decisions and behaviour on others. This approach moves away create a culture of connectivity and care where students and staf
from traditional thinking around punitive sanctions that actually do members can thrive. A survey conducted by a number of teachers
very little to develop thoughtfulness. The restorative practice model with their classes prompted an understanding of our students voice
focuses on building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships and perspectives around what a safe learning environment is and
across the school community and ofers staf and students tools what inspires them. As a group we look forward to furthering our
and techniques to restore relationships when things go wrong. By knowledge when we go to Wellington in November to attend the
building and maintaining these positive and respectful relationships National Restorative Conference.

Tournament of the Minds

Five EGGS teams took part in the Tournament of the Minds
(TOM) competition for the frst time this year. TOM is an inter-
school problem-solving event for students in Year 9 and 10 where
students work in a team of seven and are given six weeks to solve an
open-ended Challenge in the area of Language Literature, Maths
Engineering, Social Sciences or Science Technology. The solution
must be a dramatised presentation to a panel of judges and an
audience on Tournament Day. Students need to demonstrate
excellent critical, creative and caring thinking to succeed in the
competition. In preparation, all TOM team members took part in
weekly workshops designed to develop their thinking skills and
ability to work efectively in a team.

The Regional fnals of the TOM Competition were held at Albany
Junior High School on Saturday the 3rd of September. Thirty-
fve teams from across Auckland and Northland took part in the
regional competition. Of the fve EGGS teams that took part,
three came second in their division and our team competing in
the Language Literature division achieved frst place. This was an
especially impressive result given that this is the frst year EGGS has
taken part in TOM.

The winning team will now compete against the best TOM teams
from around New Zealand at the National Finals in Wellington on
September the 24th. Teams that win the National Finals will be
invited to compete in the International Tournament which will be
held in the Gold Coast, Australia on October 13.

PTA - Year 9 and 10 Parent Drinks and Nibbles evening

Save the date: Year 9 and 10 Parent Drinks and Nibbles evening. Thursday 13 October, 6.30pm. Come along to socialise with other
parents of Year 9 and 10. There will be musical performances. Invites will be emailed to parents next week.
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