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Science Fair 1st place
Leading on from Navneet s bronze, she also gained frst place in the Science Fair (Yr 9/10 Technology section) with her
amazing recycling sorting robot, using a raspberry pi computer, setting up the pins and a robotic set to create this. A
wonderful achievement from this extremely hard working and talented student.

United Nations Youth Group and Model United Nations in the Classroom

United Nations Youth is an organisation which fosters learning outside the classroom. It encourages students to think about world events
and international happenings through workshops and discussions. It leads events such as Model United Nations, Youth Declaration and
Diplomacy Competition, which all give students a chance to voice their opinions and develop their leadership skills. Students' thinking
broadens as a result of UN Youth holding events to raise awareness about current world issues.

A United Nations Youth Group was formed at the beginning of this year at Epsom Girls with over 60 students showing interest. Debates were
held during the year on topics such as Womens Rights and the Refugee Crisis. Through these debates, students got a chance to develop their
public speaking skills and learnt to critically analyse situations.

On 31st July 2016, a United Nations Youth event was held in Epsom Girls Grammar School in collaboration with Auckland Girls Grammar
School where students from all over Auckland came and participated in Model United Nations in the Classroom. This event entailed students
representing diferent countries in the UN and debating for their countries' rights and views. Students debated on Internet Governance and
DAESH . There was active participation by the students and they spent the day as prospective delegates and understood the process of a
UN Assembly meeting.

2017 Enrolment

Deadline Wednesday 7 September 2016 at 4pm.

Please note:  Students currently enrolled at EGGS are not eligible to participate in ballots for out-of-zone places.
 If you live outside the school zone and wish to apply for the sister of a current student to enter the ballot, you
must submit her application by this deadline. There is no discretion for the school to accept late applications.

Ballots for each year level will be held on Wednesday 14 September 2016.
Available places will be allocated in the following priority order: sisters of current students, sisters of past students, daughters of past
students, daughters of Board of Trustee members and employees, all other applicants.

Year 9: The Board will decide on the number of available places just before the ballot. This will depend on the number of applications
received from students who live within the schools home zone.

Years 10 & 11: We expect to be able to ofer 5 places.

Year 12: Although we are not yet able to confrm availablity we expect to be able to ofer a small number of places.

Year 13: We will ballot for a waiting list and any places becoming available will be flled from that list.

Year 9 applicants who live in the home zone should submit their applications by Wednesday 7 September 2016.
Years 10-13 applicants who live in the home zone should contact the school.

Application forms can be requested online at
Enquiries ph 630 5963,
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