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Father & Daughter Breakfast

On the 10th August Epsom Girls Grammar School held their
annual Father & Daughter Breakfast at Eden Park. This was a fun,
entertaining morning where fathers and daughters could hear the
insights of guest speaker comedian and mental health expert Mike
King and have a fulflling breakfast. This was a valuable opportunity
to appreciate the role of father fgures in our lives.

This year in particular was very successful with over 250 fathers and
daughters attending. The head prefect team hope that everyone who
came enjoyed their experience and that the fnal Father Daughter
breakfast for Year 13's was the best one yet before you depart from
your journey at EGGS.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Tuesday 20th Exam Preparation presentation by Patrick

September - Year 11 Sherratt - Tuesday 20th September
fnish at 2.15pm If your daughter is attending the Exam preparation presentation by Patrick Sherratt
3.30-5.00pm in the Marjory Adams Hall on 20th September she is welcome to remain
On Tuesday, 20th September, we at school and use the library until the presentation starts. Tickets for this event are still
will release all Year 11 students for available and can be purchased for $15 online.
the day at 2.15pm. This is to enable
a three hour Year 11 External Please note that there is also a presentation for parents that evening from 7.00-
Marking Panel meeting for the 8.30pm about useful ways for parents and other family members to support students
External Examination MCAT. We who are revising at home. Tickets are also available online.
hope that this does not cause any

Outreach Volunteers

Throughout August, 50 senior students volunteered for Eat
My Lunch as part of the new volunteering group Outreach.
Outreach aims to connect EGGS students with charities and
organisations to volunteer for our local community. These
students participated in packing thousands of lunches for
kiwi kids in 33 decile 1 and 2 schools across Auckland and
Hamilton. This was an extremely rewarding opportunity and
all the girls loved being able to help children in need. Outreach
will continue to partner with Eat My Lunch to volunteer for
5 more weeks next term. To fnd out how you can volunteer
or buy lunches to gift lunches to kids in need check out
Some of the student volunteers at Eat My Lunch in August
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