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During the end of Term 3 school holidays we had several groups head of to NZ Secondary School Nationals all around the country!


NZ Secondary Championships were held in Palmerston North.
Overall Girls Top School Placed 2nd.

Junior A Team Time Trial placed 2nd (Stella Nightingale, Lucy Thompson,
Ella Wyllie, Poppy Buissink)

Senior A Team Time Trial placed 4th (Grace Masterson, Hazel Clegg-Shaw,
Ruby Sullivan, Amelia Maling, Mindy Ryan-Kidd)

Road Race
U15, 2nd, Lucy Thompson, 9th Ella Wyllie
U16, 3rd Stella Nightingale, 6th Poppy Buissink
U20, 8th Amelia Maling

U15, 3rd Lucy Thompson, 7th Ella Wyllie
U20, 4th Grace Masterson, 8th Dayna Haythorne, 10th
Amelia Maling


The Open Basketball Team qualifed for the NZ Basketball
Nationals which were held in Palmerston North and placed


Premier 1 Netball Team qualifed to go to Nationals in Wellington
where they placed 4th in New Zealand.

Greer Sinclair and Bianca Nagaiya were named in the National Tournament

The following girls were selected for Auckland Representative Teams:
Anna Millar, Terewai Majury, Kristina McCourtie, Jade Panoho, Kilarney Morey,
Bianca Nagaiya and Greer Sinclair. Kilarney was also named Most Valuable
Player for 2016, and Greer was named Most Promising Player for 2016.

Greer Sinclair and Bianca Nagaiya have been selected for a NZSS trial and
Bianca has been named as a reserve shooter for the team.
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