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Many members of the OGA Committee are involved
in planning for the Centenary next year and this has
become the major focus of our eforts in the second
part of this year, as the event looms ever closer. The
OGA has responsibility for the Gala Dinner so there
has been a lot of collaboration with a view to ensuring
this is an event to remember.

Meanwhile, we are also planning this year s
Graduation Dinner on 2nd December and Donna
Corse-Scott is very competently leading this sub-
committee, in collaboration with the Year 13 Deans. It
is going to be a special night for the girls, with a few
new touches, as well as a new grad ring design for

Old girls continue to organise various reunions and gatherings around the region, including an afternoon tea in Hamilton, a luncheon in
Tauranga and a dinner organised by Franklin branch. Earlier in the year, a group of old girls from Tauranga enjoyed visiting the school.

Various other year group reunions (20, 30 and 40 years on) are being planned and these are always enjoyable occasions where excited
reconnections happen. The OGA puts high attention on enabling old girls to get together whenever and wherever possible, no matter how
recently or long ago they left the school, and we especially welcome graduates to become new old girls.

Sally Blyth & Lynley Sheweiry, OGA Co-Presidents


ACCOS - Mindfulness

At present the ACCOS professional learning group
looking at Mindfulness at EGGS has reached a
point where all of our 24 members have a good
degree of competence in mindfulness practice.
Some have focussed on learning the techniques
for their own self-management and some have
bravely started to integrate short 5 to 10 minutes
sessions with their tutor group or subject class.
The main focus has been upskilling the staf to
provide for a strong foundation when teaching

Starting the Year 9 core Art class with a very short
mindfulness practice has helped them to reset and
start the lesson with focus and good intentions -
Gala Collier.
Many staf have delved into further training with
clinical psychologist Lila OFarrell, courses ofered
by Monash University and so on. There is a great
deal of interest in the scientifc research, as well as
poetry on the matter to digest and then test out in
our unique environment here at EGGS.
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