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Issue 14 - October 2016

Coming up in Week 3...

Tue 25 Oct Community Awards
Wed 26 Oct Learning Awards
Fri 28 Oct Year 13 reports on portal
Level 3 Visual Art Exhibition

Coming up in Week 4

Wed 2 Nov Senior Prizegiving
Fri 4 Nov Year 11 & 12 reports on portal


Deputy Head Prefect Jade Beckmann, BoT Student Representative Imogene Wallace,
Mrs Helen Young, former BoT Chairperson Dr Gerald Young and Deputy Head Prefect
and former BoT Student Representative Lily Trinh at the tree planting.

Dear parents, caregivers and students

As you can see, above, we have planted a Rewarewa as a lasting legacy in honour of the
enormous contribution made by former Board of Trustees Chairperson Dr Gerald Young
during his ten years on the Board. Gerald is a wonderful example of someone who has
given so much and the School is grateful to all who give of their time, expertise and
energy to contribute to the quality educational experience that we aim for here at EGGS.
Arts & Culltural Awards 2016
Term 4 is a time of goodbyes for the Year 13 students. They go on study leave after the
Leavers Assembly on Thursday 3 November. The Head Prefect Team; the wider prefect
team and so many Year 13 students have shown excellent leadership this year. They
have provided support and activities for other year levels, including the Peer Supporters
who make the transition for new Year 9 students such a successful experience. It has
been lovely to hear that students have taken the time over this frst part of the term
to seek out those in Year 13 that they know and to thank them; to tell them what they
have appreciated about their leadership and friendship, and to wish them well for their
next steps. I have thanked Year 13 at the Senior and Junior Assemblies but would like to
take this opportunity to do so again. From the staf we wish you the very best for the
examinations and for the many interesting and exciting paths that you will take next year.

Lorraine Pound - Principal

Senior Prizegiving

Wednesday 2nd November
Marjory Adams Hall - 7.30pm
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