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Parent Teacher Association

A big thank you to our PTA members that helped at the recent Drinks & Nibbles
evening held for parents of Year 9 & 10 students. And a big shout-out to our gorgeous
Epsom House girls who provided service with a smile. Pre-enrolment Day last week
once again saw a huge number of parents and students visit the school, where they
were warmly greeted by our junior girls, and kept hydrated by the PTA. Thank you!!

Our fnal meeting this year will be held on Wednesday 23rd November at 7:30pm,
in the Boardroom. As it s our fnal meeting, it will be very low key, and include wine
& cheese (all provided). This is not just for committee members, but all parents, Year 9 & 10 Parent Evening
particularly to those who have helped with PTA events this year. You are most welcome
to join us.

Facebook search Epsom Girls Grammar PTA and "Like" the page so you can
easily access the latest news, photos, minutes and meeting times.

Suzanne Cunnington, PTA Chairperson


ACCOS Pre-enrolment Day

I m Rachel Heeney and at EGGS I am the Head of Biology, another role I have in the school is being one of the inschool leaders for the
community of learning. For me this involves two things:
1. Researching and presenting on the science of stress, taking a peak at the benefts of the stress response, and looking at proven ways of
stress reduction for ongoing stress. I have presented to the girls, to the full teaching staf Iand to the support staf. Next year my focus
will be the science of remembering and forgetting.
2. I have been working with a group of staf in our professional learning group (PLG). We have
looked at the research involved in a number of areas with the desired goal of facilitating high
level critical thinking. We have enjoyed reading, discussing, implementing and refecting.
From surveys done thus far it is going well.


It is very important to consider how students are going to fund their tertiary study, so if this is
what you are thinking about, please look at the Government website to see
what you may be eligible for and how to apply. Studylink can fund Student Loans and Allowances
(depending on eligibility tests), Course Costs, Living Costs as well as having links to budgeting
services and calculators it is really important for students and parents alike to be aware of
potential weekly costs as they enter tertiary study.
Career Counsellors

The Careers team is available at EGGS until the end of the 2016 school year December 15th. We
are more than happy to see students until then, and would welcome parents to attend a meeting
with us to become more involved in the process of career education and planning.

Please contact us on the email addresses below:
Ms Philippa Leask
Ms Gabrielle Riley
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