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Year 13 students have now gone on study leave and Years 11 and 12 do the same at the end of the day today, Friday 4 November. If you are
coming into school for a tutorial session with a teacher, please wear full uniform as it is important that we know who is on site. Anyone in mufti
would be required to register at Main Reception. As you can appreciate we are a large school and it is a matter of health and safety. There is
limited space available in the library so students should study at home during the examination period. Something basic, but so important is
that students check their examination timetables so that they arrive at the right exam session. We have sometimes had a student arrive in the
afternoon and the examination has been in the morning, and of course there is nothing we can do to help this sort of situation.

The Leavers Assembly yesterday was witty, clever and really enjoyed by the audience. The range of talent in this year group is a real credit to the
students. It was eggsceptional!

I would like to wish the junior students well for their examinations next week. These are just one set of indicators from the year and students
should not feel unduly anxious. It is important to put efort into preparing but not to get it out of proportion. Some subjects will also be doing
year end assessments over single hours in normal class periods.

A last reminder Monday is a Teacher Only Day, so junior students remain at home.

Lorraine Pound - Principal


Community EGG Celebration

On Tuesday 25th October the Community
EGG celebrated achievements and
highlights of the year. Videos were shown
by diferent groups and committees
to help us remember what had been
achieved by this special group of
students in 2016. Students and teachers
were acknowledged for their valuable
contributions to the spirit of community
within the school and for their generosity
in organising and supporting events in
order to support others. Mehek Dutta
and Courtney York were awarded the
Albert/ Eden Cup for Leadership and
Service to the community. Mehek and
Courtney also received the inaugural Auckland RSA Private Ona Vera Hore Memorial Scholarship which was presented at Senior Prizegiving
on the 2nd November by Auckland RSA President, Graham Gibson.


ACCOS Critical assessments are graded, and teaching students to give constructive
feedback on each other s work in the lead up to assessments.
Thinking and The benefts are complex to measure, but so far we have seen

Self-Regulation at Level 2 evidence of more variation and depth in students engagement

with ideas, and their increased ability to make links between both
As part of the ACCOS funded project, our group of teachers from
diverse subject areas are focusing on ways to increase student their learning in diferent subject areas, and in the wider world. We
agency within our classrooms. We have been successfully trialling have also seen students take more responsibility for their learning,
and refning strategies, linked to critical thinking and students through a clearer understanding of the steps they need to take in
self-regulation of their learning, for students to be more actively order to progress.
engaged and in control of their learning.
Seeing students take an increasingly active role in their learning is
inspiring, and confrms our knowledge that all students are capable
Some of these strategies include engaging students in philosophical
discussion, creating greater transparency and clarity around how of becoming empowered and self-motivated learners at any point in
their learning journey. Another positive outcome has been increased
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