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Epsom Music News

On Thursday June 2nd we have our annual Epsom Music Choral and Chamber
Showcase Concert in the RFAC at 6:30pm. This concert will feature all three of
our choirs presenting their Big Sing Competition programmes and a selection of
student Chamber Music Groups as they prepare for the Schools Chamber Music
Competition. Tickets can be purchased from the Music Ofce - $10 for adults and
$5 for students.

There will be a special movie screening
in the RFAC on Tuesday June 28th as a
fundraiser for Epsom Music Crossing
Rachmaninof follows the journey of
Auckland-based Italian concert pianist
Flavio Villani as he returns to Italy for his
concert debut of Rachmaninof s Second
Piano Concerto. Flavio himself will be
presenting a short performance on the
night. Tickets can be purchased from the
Music Ofce for $25 which will include a
glass of wine on arrival.
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