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on tour. They learned many valuable lessons including the importance of self-
organisation, working as a group, community spirit and the courage involved
in decision making.

Year 13 Dragons Den presentations

Groups from Year 13 Business Studies presented their business plans for their
products to business leaders in a dragons den situation. The dragons were
impressed with the quality of presentations and gave the groups valuable
advice. The girls had worked hard to reach this position in their business plans
and it gave them a great opportunity to talk about their products and the
related business documents. It was a very worthwhile experience which helped
to develop their communication and confdence skills that are necessary when
running a business. Girls are showing how their product A cell phone card and
integrated phone holder work when taking selfes.

Grand Tour 2016

On the last day of Term 1, twenty fve Year 12
and 13 Classical Studies, Art History and Latin
trip students left for a 3 week educational trip
to Europe: the 2016 Grand Tour. They were
accompanied by teachers Philippa Wright, Karyn
Dempsey, Rachael Grant and Jonathan Cameron.
Our trip started in Paris, visiting important art
history museums like the Louvre and Musée
D Orsay, before travelling to the south of France
to see the Roman archaeological sites such as the
Maison Carrée, the Pont du Gard and the theatre
at Orange. We then headed on to key sites in Italy
(Venice, Florence, Assisi, Pompeii and Rome) and
fnished of with 4 days in Greece (Athens, Mycenae,
Epidauros and Aegina).

The daily schedule of visiting museums,
art galleries and archaeological sites
was very busy, and new activities on the
itinerary this year, such as pizza making
and a visit to a high-tech experience
re-creating an ancient Roman house,
helped to lighten the sensory overload.

The trip was a highly memorable
experience for all, giving students a
fantastic chance to see and experience
up close the paintings, sculptures,
architecture and ancient sites studied in
their classrooms. As well, the opportunity
to be fully immersed in European daily
life and cuisine (and the shops!) for three
weeks made the Grand Tour a wonderfully
enriching experience for everyone
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