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museums. The Shanghai shopping tour was enjoyed by all and newly learnt bartering skills were put to very good use.

The students were outstanding in their willingness to give new things a go and the way they conducted themselves on the trip. Next trip is
planned for 2018!

Make sure you have a look at more pictures in D block when you come to interviews later in the term!

BYOD in the Technology Learning Area

Why do we want students to BYOD in Technology?
In Technology courses, we want to encourage students to be creative, innovative, willing to explore ideas and take risks. We want students
to engage in practical, hands-on experiences that result in high quality products. BYOD devices assist students in a range of ways as they
pursue these aims. The main reason that we want students to use their devices in Technology is to increase their ability to produce awesome

Some of the ways that students use their devices in
Technology include:

Accessing resources which support students as they work on individual
or group tasks. This means students can fnd out how to do something
when they need to do it!
Recording evidence of their practical technology work that can be
used later for evaluation and assessment. This could be things such as
videoing a test robot, photographing test models or recording a food
preparation process.
Sparking inspiration for new ideas and possibilities through use of
applications such as Pinterest.
Increasing capability and understanding by using digital tools such as
Sketchup to explore and communicate ideas.
Using ELearn to look at how other students have completed projects.
Using Google Apps for Education to record and share work with their
teacher as well as peers for feedback.
Using applications to plan project work.
BYOD really does give students many opportunities to enhance inspiration,
exploration, evaluation and communication in Technology. We believe that
students beneft greatly from using their devices to support their project
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