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From the Board of Trustees

Joyce Fisher Sports Centre

The ofcial opening of the Joyce Fisher Sports Centre occurred at the end of Term 1. The function highlighted the very strong support that
Epsom Girls Grammar School receives from the community. It was formally opened by Lady Susan Satyanand with the Honourable Nikki Kaye.

The number of other dignitaries who attended is a testament to the status and importance that Epsom Girls Grammar School has as an
educational institution. Mr Robert Lerner and Mr Chris Paykel with other family members and representatives of the Joyce Fisher Charitable
Trust plus representatives of other donors were in attendance as well.

The Board thanks everyone who has been involved in this project, in particular Mr Peter Thompson, for leading the capital campaign that
funded this project. Clearly the School needs the support of its community to bring such a project to fruition.

Board Elections

With the start of Term 2 the process for the triennial Board of Trustees elections has commenced. The Board elections is an opportunity for
the School community to have a direct input into the representation of the governance of Epsom Girls Grammar School. This could be as a
candidate for the Board and certainly as a voter.

I would encourage anyone contemplating standing for the Board to put your nomination forward. You should have received nomination
papers in the week starting 9th May and these need to be returned no later than Friday 20th May.

Voting closes on Friday 3rd June at 12 noon and results will be announced after Thursday 9th June.

Gerald Young - Chair, Board of Trustees

Relational Parenting Business Department trip

Approaches we will be holding an important workshop for parents to China
As part of our school wide implementation of Restorative

on Thursday 19 May at 7pm. Over the holidays 42 business students travelled to Hong Kong,
Beijing and Shanghai to learn about life in China, Chinese customs
This evening with Margaret Thorsborne will explore the challenges and how business in China happens. Highlights of the trip included
parents face when trying to maintain standards and expectations walking the Great Wall, biking in Beijing, visiting historic sights such
whilst preserving the relationships with their children. EGGS is as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and a
adopting an approach (restorative practice) that encourages Chinese water village. Students participated in the ANZAC service at
students to think more broadly about the impact of their decisions the Australian Consulate and also visited the New Zealand Consulate
and behaviours on others. This approach moves away from in Shanghai to have afternoon tea with the Consul General and her
traditional thinking around punitive sanctions that actually do very staf. Business speakers form Zespri, Silver Fern Farms and NZ Trade
little to develop thoughtfulness. Approved by the MoE and with and Enterprise presented to the students at NZ Central.
evidence to show that these approaches actually make a diference, Students saw a kung fu and an acrobatic show, enjoyed a wide
the workshop will explore how the same principles and practices are variety of diferent Chinese foods (including a cooking class and
equally efective at home. night food market tour), visited a marriage market, art galleries and

Campaign Week - Term 1

Thank you to the following businesses for their support with Campaign Week:

Hells Pizza Epsom Westfeld St Lukes Safe Bottles Nowco Best Ugly Bagels Elizabeth Arden
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