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Learning at EGGS is more than just learning by a curriculum in a classroom. Our vision for the Learning EGG this year is to promote a love of
learning beyond the classroom and to foster both individual and schoolwide curiosity. We want to make learning an enjoyable experience for
all year levels by introducing new, hands-on and creative initiatives. This is expressed through the diverse range of groups within the Learning
EGG where students are encouraged to collaborate ideas, extend their knowledge and challenge themselves. We get the rare opportunity as
students to make a diference as well. These interest groups include Humanitarian group, Animal Rights, Chess Club and Mathex. It is a great
way to meet like-minded people and get involved as a community. In addition, we recognize that every learner is individual and independent
of one another so we make sure that we are providing as much support to all the students in our school through ofering programmes such as
Peer Tutoring so that each student can tailor their own learning experiences to their needs. Through learning at EGGS, we develop as strong
and motivated young women. We hope you are all looking forward to what 2016 will bring as much as we are and will join us enthusiastically
on this journey where we will encounter courage, community, curiosity and compassion together as a team.
Renee Zhang and Kate Delbridge - Learning EGG Leaders

ARTS AND CULTURE to feed anyones appetite. Over both days, the visual arts committee
had a free paint-by-number board that everyone could take part
in; each creating a beautiful picture by the end of the day. This truly
captured the school value of community, as well as school spirit. It
was wonderful to see so many girls getting involved in the activities
and supporting their peers at the stalls.
Badge Ceremony

On the 18th February, we had our Badge Ceremony in the foyer
of the Raye Freedman Arts Centre. It was a lovely celebration with
the committee being presented with their hard-earned badges in
front of their fellow leaders, teachers in charge and invited guests.
Old Girl Rebekkah Schoonbeek-Berridge presented the badges to
the committee. After the ofcial ceremony, everyone was invited to
Year 9 BBQ enjoy a piece (or two) of the cakes especially ordered for the event.

The Arts and Cultural Committee had a wonderful time at the Year 9 Polyfest Opening Ceremony
barbeque. It was a great success with many new students expressing On the 1st March, the two Arts and Cultural Prefects, Lucy Sua and
interest in the variety of groups we have to ofer. Our Arts and Shanaia Boutsady, Arts and Cultural Co-ordinator, Anna Richardson,
Cultural Leaders showed the colours of the committee by having and two teachers, Jenny Mack and Joy Moller, had the pleasure of
boards that let everyone know what they were about and some attending the ofcial Opening Ceremony of the 2016 ASB Polyfest.
students dressed up in cultural costumes adding to the vibrancy of It was a fantastic night flled with entertainment from schools,
the night. speeches from the organisers and sponsors and an opportunity

Athletics Days to meet representatives from other schools involved in the event.
Epsom Girls Grammar Schools Cook Island Group will be the Mana
The Arts and Cultural Committee Kura of the AUT Cook Island Stage at this year s festival. Many thanks
had a very successful time over to both Jenny and Joy for all of their hard work in the build up to one
the two Athletics Days, running of the worlds largest cultural festivals.
stalls in order to raise money for
the diferent events throughout Arts & Cultural Prefects Shanaia Boutsady and Lucy Sua
the year. On Tuesday, we sold
refreshing drinks to quench the
thirst of the busy athletes and
supporters. We also provided
arts and crafts things such
as: henna, fake tattoos and
Polynesian fower crowns.
When Friday came around, it
was a scorching hot day for the
fnals to take place. We sold not
only drinks and artsy objects,
but also a range of cultural food Polyfest Opening Ceremony
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