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The start of this year has certainly been a busy time for staf assisting the students with their BYOD. At the beginning of each year, every
student at EGGS needs to follow a procedure to install the latest Security Certifcate on their device, to enable them to access our EGGS
wireless network. This allows the girls to access the Internet through our secure internally managed Internet Service while at school. This year
there were a few unexpected challenges due to a change in internet provision, but overall the process has been completed successfully. This
Security Certifcate expires at the end of each year and requires a fresh install at the beginning of the new year for all students.


We require all students to bring an appropriate device to support their learning here at EGGS. We have carefully tested and listed the necessary
requirements of this device. A full list of the necessary requirements can be found on our website under the Quick Link
BYOD or from the Curriculum area under Bring your own device to EGGS.

A couple of important requirements to remember - the device must have a full operating system either Windows or Mac OSX that is installed
in English. Examples of devices that do not meet this requirement as they do not contain a full operating system are Chromebooks, Windows
Surface RT and IPADs.

Using Devices at School

An introduction to Using Student Devices at EGGS - all new students have been introduced to a Presentation that can be found on the
front of our ELearn learning environment This presentation steps through instructions that will assist in a
smoother transition using BYOD to support learning at EGGS. Please have a look at this and ensure that your daughter has completed this
learning. If students require further help they can access technical assistance from the IT desk (outside L3) or help from the IT Crowd (Senior
Students) every lunchtime in L2.

Parent Information
We are hosting a Netsafe evening for parents in Term 2 on Tuesday 10 May at 7:00pm-8:30pm. Lee Chisholm, the Education and Training
Specialist at NetSafe, will be joining us.

She has a background in counselling, mediation and management, and joined NetSafe in 2005. Schools and the public contact NetSafe to
seek advice on a wide range of online challenges. These are as diverse as online harassment and bullying, ofensive and damaging sexual
content, malicious software, theft of data and a myriad of scams. Lees experience enables her to share some preventative strategies to reduce
the chances of your daughters being adversely impacted by online challenges.

Coralie Stopford, Director of E-Learning


A highlight for the Business Department this
month was the presentation given by Duncan
Matangi and Daniel Herring who are Treasury
graduate analysts. Duncan and Daniel spoke
to our Year 13 Economics students about the
role of Treasury in New Zealand today. The
students also got to participate in a simulated
activity where they chose how to spend $500
million to improve the New Zealand economy.
Following this, Duncan and Daniel answered
questions about their pathways into Treasury.
They emphasised the importance of following
your passion when choosing the area to study
in at university.

Daniel Herring and Duncan Matangi, Treasury graduate analysts
with some of the Year 13 Economics students
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