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ARTS AND CULTURE comments from the crowd on the vibrancy of the performance. The

Cook Island Group were the Mana Kura for the Cook Island Stage,
as well as giving a stunning performance which gained them third
Fia Fia Night place in the non-competitive section. Elsie Hosking and Shanaia

On Saturday the 12th March Epsom Girls Grammar Schools cultural Boutsady were asked to accompany Prime Minister John Key around
groups showcased their talent and hard work at the annual Fia Fia Polyfest on this day and represented the school with aplomb.
Night. The purpose of this evening is to help the students prepare Saturday saw the Tongan and Samoan groups taking the stage to
for ASB Polyfest and enable their parents, friends and family to an excited audience. The Samoan Group gained third equal overall
enjoy their performances. The evening began with the groups in the competitive division. The entire Polyfest was hugely positive
selling delicious food at the market stalls, which helped to set the and all students and staf involved had a fantastic time over the four
atmosphere for the evening. The Kapa Haka group kick started the days. Thank you to the teachers in charge, the tutors and the parents
performances with a beautiful showcase of both femininity and for their support, hard work and commitment.
strength. Our thirteen diferent cultural groups then proceeded to
demonstrate love for their culture and vibrancy in performances that Results
showcased the schools diversity. Samoan Group closed the evening Cook Island Stage: Third Place
and the audience leaving on a high with their energetic Sasa. Thank Samoan Stage: Third Equal, Second in the Sasa, Second for Costume
you to Auckland University of Technology who supported us on the and Tiana Asaua came third place as the Taupou (Princess.)
evening and our Arts and Cultural Prefects Shanaia Boutsady and Awaiting results from the other stages.
Lucy Sua who MCd the event. The Arts Leaders ran backstage like
a well-oiled machine and our Teachers in Charge ensured that our  View photos from the Polyfest here.
students looked beautiful on stage. We are grateful to the tutors and
parents, without whom, our cultural groups would not be able to EGGS/AGS Production - 14-21 May 2016
exist. This year s annual combined production with Auckland Grammar
ASB Polyfest School is West Side Story - a 1950s adaptation of Shakespeares
Romeo and Juliet. During the summer holidays, the cast had a boot
Every year Epsom Girls Grammar School sends a cohort of over 300 camp in the Raye Freedman Arts Centre where they learnt lots of
students to perform at ASB Polyfest at the Manukau Sports Bowl. It choreography and had bonding time getting to know each other.
was a pleasure to attend the Powhiri with Kotahitanga Coordinator They have been working very hard at rehearsals three times a week
Kareen Girven and representatives from both the Kotahitanga with their director Anna Richardson, choreographer Rebekkah
Committee and the Arts and Cultural Committee. Thursday saw our Schoonbeek, musical director Peter Thomas and vocal coach
Diversity Groups take the stage and like previous years Epsom Girls Virginia Le Cren. With all of their practising, the show is looking very
Grammar continues to be one of the most strongly represented promising with the cast loving every moment of the fun process.
schools on this stage. Throughout Wednesday and Thursday They are very much looking forward to the next 6 weeks in the lead
students from the Cook Island Group, Samoan Group and Tongan up to show week; which will be from the 14th May to the 21st May.
Group gave speeches on their respective stages about the dangers of Watch this space for ticket information.
rheumatic fever in Pasifka communities. Our Kapa Haka group took
the stage very early on Friday morning and there were many positive Anna Richardson, Arts and Cultural Coordinator


Term One has been a hive of activity already for the Music Department. We are thrilled to have a great
bunch of new enthusiastic musicians entering our doors and a wonderful group of music leaders:
Abbey Busch, Lanlan Li, Alana Janssen, Hana Ireland, Lauren Easteal, Enya Finlayson, Jemima Wu and
May Gao.

Our three choirs had a very productive weekend rehearsal workshop in Week Three of this term with
almost 200 girls involved and in Week 6 we enjoyed a wonderful talk from APO Horn player Emma

Currently everyone is working hard towards our annual Last Night of the Proms Concert on April 7th.
This is always a night to remember, showcasing most of the Epsom Music groups and ending with a
bang of traditional Proms vigour. Tickets can be purchased from the Music Department.
On Open Morning, April 12th, we have a free Music Showcase Concert in the RFAC at lunchtime.
Come along for an hour of entertainment and witness some of our contemporary music students Epsom Music Leaders for 2016
showcasing their amazing talent. (Click here to view the poster).
There will be a special screening of Crossing Rachmaninof at the RFAC at 7:30pm on April 13th. Watch this space for more details.
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