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Whether you realise it or not, every single person sitting in this hall is a part of the Community Egg as we all bring something special to the
unique carton of eggs that is our school. On the topic of eggs, this term we are bringing you the very exciting Good Egg Award. We will be
choosing a few girls from each year level who have done something good this year, to receive a small prize. This is your time to shine so get
on board and nominate your friends, google nomination forms will be sent to your emails by the end of this week.
The Community Egg will be bringing you many more fun events throughout the year such as Community Week next term so keep a look
out for that and get involved.
We are calling on senior students to assist with poppies at the Dawn Parade at the Domain on Anzac Day, 25th April. There are 11 volunteers
so far and we need another 9. If you are interested please contact Mehek Dutta for further details.

2016 Student Council: click here to view details of this year s Student Council


On Thursday 17th March, the Career Education Department was Thursday Lunchtime Talks
excited to host two former EGGS students as part of its Thursday series, DSO.
Lunchtime Talks series. Rachel Miller (2010) and Karina Kaufusi All students welcome.
(2009) are now both working as engineers, Rachel with Fisher
and Paykel Healthcare, and Karina with BECA. It was great to hear 24 March - Unitec
about the subjects they took while at EGGS and the relevance of 7 April - Education USA
these to their study, why they chose to be engineers, and what 14 April - Lincoln University
they do now. These young women have a very positive future Thursday Lunchtime Talk series - DSO
ahead of them and they were very inspirational speakers to our
aspiring engineers. These dates and more, can be found on Dreamcatcher, the student
notices, and our Facebook page as they become closer.
For more photos from their presentations, please go to our
Facebook page EGGS Career Education.

The Art Department had a hugely successful trip to the Museum to draw from the Taonga held there. Students sketched from all 3 foors and
were able to visit the exciting Air New Zealand collection.

Visual Art leaders were in full swing during athletics and managed to create two whole school participation paint-by-numbers paintings
that will go around the school. It was great to see all of the up and coming student photographers working hard at Fia Fia night taking
photographs of the performances. Congratulations to our Visual Art Leaders; Monica Wang, Maddison Crutch, Beth Clemens and Rebecca

Pavement Art is coming up in Week 11 ( Wednesday 13 April) and this is a great opportunity for students to form a group and participate in a
really exciting, annual visual Art event.

Ex EGGS old girl and Pasifika Student Ane Tonga presenting lectures on her role as a curator:
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