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Issue 3 - March 2016

EGGS Open Morning and

Epsom House Open Afternoon

Tuesday 12 April 2016

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Coming up in Week 9....
Wed 30-31 Mar Student/Parent/Tutor
EGGS rowers at the North Island Secondary Schools Championships at Lake Karapiro
Coming up in Week 10....

Mon 4 - 8 Apr Summer Tournament Wk
Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students
Thu 7 Apr Last Night of the Proms
We are looking forward to Term 1 Conferences on the Wednesday and Thursday after Easter.
To see and hear students articulating how they are settling into the demands of a new year,
taking a step up, is such a positive experience for students having agency in their schooling
being in charge; being in the driving seat of the process not at school as a passive passenger.

It is also an opportunity to look ahead to see what commitments a student has for the
year and how the tutor and parents can help them navigate that it may be in terms of the
assessment calendar for senior students or in terms of looking at how many in-school and
out of school activities place demands on time. As a School we want to be absolutely clear
students should not feel that they must join a large number of co-curricular activities. We
are not wanting students to feel undue pressure we want them to enjoy their learning, to
enjoy their co-curricular involvement and to have time for family and down-time. We have all Samoan Group
seen pieces in the media from time to time about the importance of not being clubbed until
feeling giddy in other words belonging to so many clubs and activities that there is barely
an unorganised moment in the week. I feel that this is an area where each individual needs
to make good decisions, in conjunction with their family, for their own circumstances. At the
other end of the spectrum if a student is not involved in any activities, in or out of school, this
might be something to review as benefts beyond the classroom are one of the important
features of a well-rounded education.

Polyfest, Dragonboating, Zone Athletics and Swimming, Tennis and North Island Rowing
Championships have involved a large number of students, parents and teachers. You may Tongan Group
have seen photos on the website and there are more in this newsletter congratulations to
everyone who has been involved in the past two weeks.

I hope everyone enjoys the Easter holidays. School will fnish at 3.15pm on Thursday and
start again on Wednesday 30 March with the frst day of the Term 1 Conferences.

Lorraine Pound - Principal

Polyfest photos - Fia Roache Photography
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