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eLearning in the Library accessible anywhere, anytime great news for the learner who
leaves everything to the last minute!
You may not think about it but technology
plays a large role in modern libraries. Search Another successful eLearning tool is our collection
engines and online catalogues have largely of curated resources for topic studies. In this type of
taken away the mystery of how to fnd library curation, web tools such as and Livebinders
resources and made them accessible 24/7. are used to link together best websites and online
No longer do you have to physically be at a sources. These curated links are provided alongside
library to access the items held there. Digital Desk Copy books, when classes are using the library
resources abound for the astute researcher. for research. You can see an example of this here.

Our library at EGGS has an ever- evolving collection of Curating online resources has benefts for the student navigating the
digital resources that enhance teaching and learning. overwhelming amount of information online. Using these collections
Alongside our substantial print collections we have students learn to:
an eBook collection of over 800 eBooks. Issues for recognise what constitutes a quality resource
our eBooks have increased substantially this year, choose the best source of information for the job, be it print,
currently doubling what was borrowed at the same time last year. digital or a person
This is primarily due to the download app (ePlatform app) becoming widen their personal learning networks through accessing
available, making the procedure for downloading a book so much resources they may otherwise not have been exposed to.
easier. Students can borrow an eBook at any time of day or night, National Library of New Zealand
from anywhere in the world and download to their devices. We are
very excited about the uptake in eBook borrowing that has taken Promoting these non-visual items is the key, and reminding our
place this year. students and teachers where and how they can be accessed. Our
librarians do a great job as advocates of eResources, promoting
Our second most used digital resource them to as many classes and individuals as possible.
is the EPIC Research databases. EPIC is
a library of searchable online reference All of the library s eResources can be found on the eLearn Portal
material in a collection of over twenty subject-specifc databases. under the Library tab. Please feel free to take look or Click on one of
All Year 10 classes are instructed in using the EPIC databases for the icons: Password = eggs
research, led by the library staf. Once again, these resources are

Arts & Cultural News

Megaschools Competition

The Megaschools Hip Hop group competed at the Street Dance New Zealand Megaschools Competition in the second week of the frst
term holidays. They came away in 6th position and 1st single sex group performance over all. The leaders Tai Poppleton and Georgia May
choreographed a slick and innovative routine and were positive, generous role models for younger students.

Many thanks to Amelia McKibben and Nicola Rennie for their ongoing support of this group.

Upcoming Events

Wearable Art Show 7 July Marjory Adams Hall 5.30-7.30pm
Short Film Evening 26 July Raye Freedman Arts Centre 7pm, tickets $15 Adults, $10 Students
Chinese Extravaganza - 30 and 31 July at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre

Stage Challenge

Epsom Stage Challenge is performing at the Aotea Centre in the annual Auckland Stage Challenge competition on the 1st July. This year they
managed to sell a total of 429 tickets which is a new record.

This year's performance has been worked on by the Stage Challenge leadership team since last October. There are a total of 110 students and
teachers involved in this year s performance including dancers, set girls, costume girls, lighting crew, photographers and teacher support.

The performance this year is based on Fortitude and the journey of a young girl overcoming physical, mental and emotional hardships to
become a stronger individual. As the eight minute dance performance unfolds we see the young girl using her childhood imaginary friends
to push through hard times and fnd inner strength in the face of adversity.
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