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Tertiary Preparation for Year 13 students

As part of the Auckland Central Community of Schools initiative a team of
seven teachers at Epsom Girls Grammar School have been working hard to
develop a series of workshops for our Year 13 students that prepare them for a
transition into tertiary education.

Recent research has shown that the transition from secondary school to a
tertiary environment is challenging for many students; even students that
experience high levels of success in their secondary education can fnd the
tertiary environment tough.

The EGGS Tertiary Prep. workshops seek to help bridge this gap and prepare
our girls for this next phase in their lives. In the workshops we will be looking
closely at the diferences between secondary school (EGGS life) and a tertiary
environment. We will also be focusing on enabling students to become more
independent in their ability to manage themselves (time, living situations,
social-life, money, health, etc), information, resources, research and study. Year
13 is the perfect time for students to be thinking about preparing themselves
for tertiary education, and what students learn in the workshops can and
should be applied to their learning now.

Our frst workshop begins in Week 9 on either Tuesday 28th June in the EGGS
Stafroom (2:15-3:15pm), or Friday 1st July in the EGGS Hall (7:30-8:30am) -
students can choose which workshop time best suits their schedule and
we encourage all students in Year 13 to attend.

Chinese Speech Competition

Three Epsom Girls students participated in and performed remarkably at Review. Revise. Retain
the 9th Annual Auckland Chinese Speech Contest held on May 14th at the
Confucius Institute, Auckland University. It involved over 60 Chinese learners July Revision Courses
from over 15 Auckland schools. Jade Beckmann, Year 13, won the 3rd Prize, Striving for equity in education and delivering the tools
Elizabeth Gane, Year 11, the 3rd Prize, and Catrin Dawson, Year 11, the Merit to succeed.
Prize. Anastasia Varlamova, Year 13, was invited to perform a traditional
Chinese dance at the prize-giving ceremony. 1 - 2 days per subject - intensive revision
Delivered by duxes and premier scholars

Step-by-step through the entire syllabus
Outstanding resources, passionate university tutors

Information and registration:

Courses are held across Auckland in the July holidays.

See you there!!

Catrin Dawson Elizabeth Gane Jade Beckham

KTL Tuition (at 642 New North Road, Morningside) are facilitating three specifc workshop courses in the seminar room at Kidz Therapy during the July
The courses are: Further information and registration
1. Study skills for secondary school students who have learning diferences, forms are available at
Wednesday 20th July 10-3 p.m.
2. Study skills and strategies for Years 9-10, Thursday 21st July 10-3 p.m.
3. Study skills and strategies for Years 11-13 Friday 22nd July 10-3 p.m. Or phone Shannon on 021 295 0089.
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