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Centenary Celebrations 5 - 9 April 2017: 285 days to go!

Were delighted to announce that tickets for the Centenary celebrations are
now available to buy on iTicket at
Buy your tickets now! Take a look at our brand new Centenary tab on
the school website too. Everything you need to know is on the website
including links thatll take you straight to iTicket.

You can also stay in the loop about the Centenary Celebrations by liking
and following our Facebook page,
Were counting down to a celebration of 100 wonderful years and theres 285 days to go!

If youre friends with any Old Girls we might have lost contact with, please ask them to get in touch with us and well keep them posted on
the Centenary too. They just need to drop an email to

For updates between now and April 2017, don t forget to keep an eye on our school website. Therell be lots of exciting news and pictures
for you to have a browse through.
Centenary Sponsorships

If you have a business and would like to sponsor any aspect of the Centenary please contact us on Your generosity
will be much appreciated.

Curriculum News

Assessments and Illnesses

We would like to ask for your support in striking the right balance between staying home when sick versus taking time of school to work on

The school nurses have noticed an increase in students coming into school for assessment when they are too sick to be at school. For the
health and safety of other students we would like students who are too sick to be at school to stay at home. If there is an assessment on that
day, there is a chance that the assessment can be completed at another time when the student is well (In this instance a medical certifcate
would be required). On the rare occasion that the assessment can t be re-scheduled please remind your daughter that it is usually possible
to miss a Standard and still get a course/certifcate endorsement. Under these circumstances the student would be withdrawn from the
Standard and avoid having a not achieved on their record of learning.

In the same vein, we consider that staying at home to complete assessments is unfairly advantaging themselves over other candidates.
Students have been told that this will result in a not achieved grade. Please support us by not condoning this practice.

Digital Assessment: 2016 Trials and Pilots

This year we are participating in NZQAs digital assessment trials and pilots program. Computer-based methods of assessment is a key area
of development for NZQA as they have the goal of making all examinations (where appropriate) online by 2020. We feel that this is an
opportunity for us to test our readiness as a school and to provide students with the opportunity to experience assessment in a digital format.
By being involved both parties will be in a position to give feedback on that experience.

This year we will be trailing Level 1 examinations for Geography, Economics, Spanish and Biology. A trial' is a practice assessment that does
not count towards a students NCEA. A pilot' is considered to be an assessment where a student can gain actual credits towards their NCEA.
This year we are participating in the pilot for English. Involvement in a pilot examination will be voluntary, and those students who opt-in
will sit a digital examination rather than the paper examination (however the paper examination will be available as a back-up). The pilot
examinations will be held on the same dates and times as the paper-based examinations.

Your daughter will be bringing home written notifcation shortly if she is involved in an NZQA digital trial or pilot. Students who require
Special Assessment Conditions will be accommodated within these trials and pilots.
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